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Is Your Local Gay Bar gay4soccer?

Nellie's in Washington DC has done charity work with DC United and has their games on the bar's schedule along with the Nats, Caps, and Wizards.

The number of gay sports bars in America continues to grow, and last year their rise garnered the attention of everyone from sports blogs to Business Week.

But how sports-friendly are our gay sports bars, and more importantly to our interest, how soccer friendly are they? When 10:30 PM rolls around on March 10 will Boston’s gay bars that claim to be sports friendly be tuned into the Revs taking on the Quakes at Buck Shaw Stadium, or will they choose to use those screens for music videos to please the clientele looking to dance?

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The Amazing Race Week 1 Recap

I can’t wait for March! I am dying to see MLS action. On Sunday my Twitter timeline was blowing all evening. Why? Was there another match? Heaven forbid another trade. None of those, but something to help with the MLS offseason boredom.

A professional soccer player, the very attractive and athletic  goalkeeper Andrew Weber, is on The Amazing Race Season 20. He is currently in Florida at the Seattle  Sounders FC’s training camp. He and his musical twin brother Elliot are racing around the world with the show for a million dollars.

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Soccer Style: Bumpy Pitch’s Piraten Klub

Bumpy Pitch has paid homage to many great soccer teams of the past and present over the years and their new “Piraten Klub” tshirt released this week is an tribute to FC St. Pauli, the 102-year-old German side.

I really dig the shirt’s design but to be honest the first few times I saw this design the “Punisher” logo came to mind. But those were quick glances and when I had a real chance to look at the shirt I really liked the look of the skull chomping down on the BPFC initials. The cross in the background has a nice stylized potent cross look to it and the symbols together are a nice nod to the cross in the FC St. Pauli crest and the skull and crossbones that has come to be the symbol of the teams’ supporters.

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Canada’s New Kit

This is Canada’s newest jersey, which will replace the current kit. It was revealed at a press event last week. Let’s just say that the verdicts, as is the case with most jersey reveals, are rather mixed.

Some are saying bad buzz creates more jersey sales. What do you say to that? And what are your thoughts on this kit? Is it as simple as it looks? Or is it just a cheap ripoff of a high school team’s kit? Leave a comment below!

Jersey Review: Galaxy Unveil 2012 Kit

If there is one thing many of the MLS Original clubs have in common, it is a history of kit design with little continuity and even less tradition.  Los Angeles shares the top spot  on this unfortunate list – alongside Kansas City – with a radical departure in design coming every year or two since their inception.

But the beginning of the Bechkam era (MLS 2.0) coincided with a league-wide push for brand identity and as a result, in the years since, the casual fan can identify the teams around the league using only the clues provided by a color swatch.

And as far as brand identity goes, Los Angeles Galaxy has led the way.  Their all-white home kit with accents of blue and gold is not only recognized by casual soccer fans the world over, but by American soccerphobes as well, an arguably bigger achievement.  On top of that, the Galaxy’s #23 jersey is one of the most-sold jerseys in the world.  In any sport.  Ever.

The Beckham-era Galaxy jersey, love it or hate it, works.

So why does the 2012 version radically depart from it?

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Waiting ‘Til March for the Honey Badger

With March still a-ways out I wanted to spend some time othe lighter, fun side of the Sounders. Because I can’t wait. #isitmarchyet  read more…

Jersey Review: The Seattle Sounders’ Third Kit is “Super Cyan”

There is a lot that can be and has been said of the Sounders new third kit. Trust me, the locals already have.

“A worse, gayer highlighter.” “Like Easter threw up.” “We’ve had the yellow highlighter, now the blue one. What’s next? The pink or orange one?” “They didn’t want to lose the electric yellow so they muted it with a crappy blue” read more…

On Beckham, European Arrogance and LA’s Allure…

The New Year is here and with it, a wide open transfer window.  And while the list of smart acquisitions and shock buys is just now beginning to take shape, most had assumed one man had been waiting for so long for the window to open he had fogged up the glass.  It turns out that this may not have been the case.  At all. read more…

Wednesday Happy Hour: Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes

Here we are with day 2 of stories we think you should be talking about at Happy Hour tonight. The Happy Hour will be a joint operation between us here at gay4soccer and our good friends at The Free Beer Movement, so be sure to share these stories with potential soccer converts as you’re out and about this evening. read more…