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A Mickey Mouse Cup / Disney Soccer Classic Preview

What could make Disney World even better than Gay Days?

No, not more princesses…you got it, pro soccer. More specifically, MLS teams playing in a pre-season tournament. Instead of heading for the Carolina Challenge Cup like we have for the past four seasons, the Reds are heading to Florida for a third straight year for the 2012 Disney World Pro Soccer Classic.

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With Enemies Like These…

…you start to wonder if you’re supporting the wrong side.

You see, I am a Los Angeles Galaxy fan.  Before Beckham.  Before the Home Depot Center.  Before our first championship star.  At the beginning of Cobi, Cienfuegos and Hartman, the Rose Bowl, and multiple MLS Cup heartbreaks – I was there.

In short: I bleed teal/green/blue-and-gold.

So when a new tenant entered our hallowed soccer cathedral and set down stakes to claim a portion of its halls as their own, an instant rivalry was – no, not born – thrust upon us.  The very presence of Chivas USA in “Our City, Our Home” was a call to arms.

And as an ardent Galaxy supporter, I am obligated to show our cross-town/same-stadium rivals, Chivas USA, and their fans as little love as possible.  Very.  Little.  Love.  Ever.

Because, Chivas. Because.

Yankees have Red Sox. Dodgers have Giants.  Sounders have Timbers.  And Galaxy has Chivas USA (and Steven Lenhart.)

And while the league standings in recent years has kept the gameday match-ups from reaching the contentious fever pitch it has in years past, the rivalry’s fires are kept stoked for the next time a meeting counts for more than just bragging rights.  While they may be remiss to admit it, many Angelinos are secretely grateful to have an in-town rivalry, one that has the potential to polarize the City of Angels in the fashion seen in other cities and towns around the world; and thus regardless of the import of their matchups, both teams’ fans keep the antagonistic spirit alive  for fear that it would otherwise die out.

And that is how this Galaxy fan has operated for years.  For no matter how much (or how little) of a threat those Goats’ bleatings may actually pose, the fire it stirs in me is red-hot and my conviction to hurl bile in their direction is strengthened to no end.

But a series of observations from last year – and a realization from a week ago tying it all together – has me reconsidering my blind distaste for Chivas USA and at least one of their supporter groups.  You see, I’ve come to the conclusion that both team and supporters are leading the league in one area very near and dear to me (and to many of our #g4s readers):  the open invitation to, and inclusion of, their GLBT fans.

And this has me wondering: am I booing the wrong side?

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The Price of Passion

Owning a jersey is just fine. A scarf gives you street cred. But when you want to express your undying love for your team, nothing says it more than attending a game.

For those super-passionate lot that can afford it, attending every one of your home team’s games is not exceptional – it’s expected.

And while the passion of a dedicated, season ticket-holding fan, regardless of city, can never be compared, the costs required of them to show that passion most certainly can be, as the following list will attempt to show.

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Tuesday Happy Hour: MLS’ New Domestic Partner

Our end of the day Happy Hour has always been about bringing you conversation starters – things to talk about as you spend time with your soccer and non-soccer friends through the evening.

The MLS’ partnership with the Boy Scouts is such a worthy topic for discussion that this Happy Hour is dedicated to recapping our discussion so far, so hopefully you can chat about it and further the conversation tonight. read more…

gay4soccer Poll: MLS and the Boy Scouts

Here’s our original post  on the MLS/BSA partnership.

The gay4soccer Opinion on the Partnership between Major League Soccer and the Boy Scouts of America (updated 1.20.12)

Let’s get one thing (proverbially) straight: we here at gay4soccer are all in favor of the continued growth of our beloved American league. But MLS’ latest partnership gave us pause and pushed us to consider whether or not we want that success at any and all costs.
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Here it is! The 2012 MLS Schedule

MLS reveals 2012 schedule

What do you think?