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Rachna’s Soccer Valentine

Zarek Valentin

defender, Montreal Impact

Why is he Rachna’s Soccer Valentine? He’s the perfect package! Funny, cute, great soccer player, style and swag. If you’ve seen his Generation Adidas video blogs or listened to his podcasts on U.S. Soccer, you’ll really see just how personable he is. How can you not want him as your VALENTIN?!

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? I’m not picky, but since Titanic is his favorite movie, maybe watching that whilst eating Oreos.

Our Chivas USA writer Rachna is on Twitter at @rachnakk

Meet Rachna, our Chivas USA writer…

Hi all! My name is Rachna and I am a Chivas USA fan living in beautiful (roughly) San Diego, CA. I say roughly as I am here for school, and home is an hour north (still not in LA territory though).  My road to becoming a Chivas USA fan is a bit long, so here it goes!

I first came to watch soccer seriously during the 2008 Euro Cup. I chose to support Spain as I was a bit of a Hispanophile in high school, and latched myself onto them. I continued this support, yet felt a tad bit bad for not liking the United States, as I’ve always been one to support the USA. That same year I followed both Olympic teams in Beijing, despite the men not doing so well. This was a bit of a turning point. I loved players like Stuart Holden and Sacha Kljestan (though my love for the latter has diminished greatly in recent times), and was SO happy for the women to get their gold. I followed both national teams on and off until the Confederations Cup the following summer. The phenomenal win against Spain that no US fan will ever forget solidified my love for US Soccer. However, I was still a bit of an MLS newb, for lack of a better word. Since the Gold Cup team that year was basically a B team, I followed them closely, reacquainted myself with one Stuart Holden, and got into MLS. I spent the rest of that season watching MLS for various players but not supporting any team in particular.

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