Soccer Style: Bumpy Pitch’s Piraten Klub

Bumpy Pitch has paid homage to many great soccer teams of the past and present over the years and their new “Piraten Klub” tshirt released this week is an tribute to FC St. Pauli, the 102-year-old German side.

I really dig the shirt’s design but to be honest the first few times I saw this design the “Punisher” logo came to mind. But those were quick glances and when I had a real chance to look at the shirt I really liked the look of the skull chomping down on the BPFC initials. The cross in the background has a nice stylized potent cross look to it and the symbols together are a nice nod to the cross in the FC St. Pauli crest and the skull and crossbones that has come to be the symbol of the teams’ supporters.

And, of course, this shirt also has the trademark Bumpy Pitch touches like the BPFC logo patch and super-comfortable all-cotton vintage wash.

Design is only half of the reason why I like Bumpy Pitch shirts like this one, though — my favorite BP shirts also tell a story. For example, I often get questions about my Bethlehem Steel shirt and I can recount with pride about how one of America’s most successful soccer teams was from near my hometown.

Wearing the Piraten Klub shirt will certainly start a conversation about FC St. Pauli, founded in 1910 and currently in Germany’s second division. The larger sports club has rugby, gridiron football, and even chess teams, but it’s the soccer team that has garnered the most attention over the years. A few decades ago, when a skinhead ethos was prevalent in German soccer supporters culture, supporters of St. Pauli made a conscious decision to take a stand against neo-Nazism, fighting sexism, racism, and homophobia, and still do to this day.

So wear the Bumpy Pitch Piraten Klub shirt with pride, knowing you’re both looking good and repping a team with a great history and supporters culture.

Bumpy Pitch’s Piraten Klub shirt is available at their online store, and you can read their post about the shirt and its design on their blog.

Soccer ally and FC St. Pauli alumus Ian Joy reps the new Piraten Klub shirt.


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