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VIDEO: Anton Hysén in Britain’s Gay Footballers

For those of us who don’t live in the United Kingdom, here’s Anton Hysén’s segment in the BBC3 documentary “Britain’s Gay Footballers.”

Chris’s Soccer Valentine

Mike Chabala

defender, Portland Timbers

Why is he Chris’s Soccer Valentine? There are a lot of things that are sexy about Mike Chabala, but nothing is a bigger attraction to me than a guy who stands up for my rights. I’ve been a fan of Mike ever since he became the first player to do a NOH8 Campaign photo shoot, and have always been impressed by the charm, humor, and kindness he displays to all of his fans, doing charitable work whenever he can. And I’m not going to deny that Mike is an incredibly handsome man.

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? Our date would be at my perfect date location in Austin, Texas, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. And I think Mike would be game for one of their special “Action Pack” events, like a music video singalong or movie quotealong. We’d get there early for the preshow along with our first round of drinks and some conversation. Then we’d sing along to our favorite 80’s hits or shout out our favorite Office Space quotes for 90 minutes, maybe sharing a gourmet milkshake while we do.

gay4soccer founder Chris’s personal Twitter is @CJBinATX

Tommy’s Soccer Valentine

Tommy wants to date one of these men. No, the other one. No, the other one. No, the other one.

Bruce Arena

head coach, LA Galaxy

Why is he Tommy’s Soccer Valentine? If the man can turn around the dysfunctional side that was the 2007/2008 LA Galaxy into arguably the best side ever in the league, imagine what he could do with a fixer-upper relationship!

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? “Your ideas are stupid,” Bruce would say to me in his trademark bluntness and Brooklyn accent upon the introduction of my proposed evening itinerary.  “We will do what I want and you won’t know what I’m planning until we’ve already done it.  And even then, you’ll only know if I decide to tell you.”

On the plus side, our evening will be quite pricey by American standards.  Brucie – as he likes to be called, erm, by me – always seems to have ample cash on hand. “Allocation money,” he calls it. Whatever. You don’t have to tell me where you got it from or what you do on the side, Brucie.  It’s not like I’m going to stop you from spending it on me.

Our LA Galaxy writer Tommy is on Twitter at @grnrngr80

Rachna’s Soccer Valentine

Zarek Valentin

defender, Montreal Impact

Why is he Rachna’s Soccer Valentine? He’s the perfect package! Funny, cute, great soccer player, style and swag. If you’ve seen his Generation Adidas video blogs or listened to his podcasts on U.S. Soccer, you’ll really see just how personable he is. How can you not want him as your VALENTIN?!

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? I’m not picky, but since Titanic is his favorite movie, maybe watching that whilst eating Oreos.

Our Chivas USA writer Rachna is on Twitter at @rachnakk

Justin’s Soccer Valentine

Bobby Warshaw

defender, FC Dallas

Why is he Justin’s Soccer Valentine? He is an up and coming defender for FCD, and every time he gets minutes on the field he goes out there and plays his heart out. I feel like he’s going to become one of our better players in the near future and I’m excited to see where he goes. In addition, he’s adorable as hell.

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? I’m a sucker for movie dates (mostly because I have no money) so we’d probably go see a fun movie together — nothing too serious — then we could drive around downtown Dallas and just hit the town, trying to get to know each other. Nothing too complex though as I would rather just get to know someone instead of having an intricate schedule of events planned out.

Our FC Dallas writer Justin is on Twitter at @m0gar

Jorge’s Soccer Valentine

Jake Gleeson

goalkeeper, Portland Timbers

Why is he Jorge’s Soccer Valentine? He is a great goalkeeper who did very well last year when Troy Perkins was out in the beginning of the season making some spectacular saves. Also I love his New Zealand accent, his sense of style with the skinny jeans and such, and is great at playing guitar. Who would not want somebody who is great in more than one area?

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? I would start with playing at Jeld-Wen Field and me taking a few shots at him. Then I would take him out to a bar and grille and finally I would then take him back to my place where there will be white rose pedals from the moment he enters into my condo!

Our Portland Timbers writer Jorge is on Twitter at @jrod2589

John’s Soccer Valentine

Torsten Frings

midfielder, Toronto FC

Why is he John’s Soccer Valentine? Because the man is not only Toronto FC’s top designated player (sorry Danny Koevermans), but he’s deadly with the ball, and good lookin’ to boot for 34. I don’t usually go for long hair, but it just makes him sexier!

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? Why, it would be a day at BMO kicking about, then a walk down the shore of Lake Ontario, followed by a nice dinner at one of Toronto’s finest restaurants — followed by a night out on Church Street.

Our Toronto FC writer John is on Twitter at @JohannesLanger

Janine’s Soccer Valentine

Jordan Harvey

defender, Philadelphia Union Vancouver Whitecaps

Why is he Janine’s Soccer Valentine? Sadly, I don’t have a soccer Valentine for I’ve had my fan heart broken and I’ll never fan again.  (dramatic pose) My tragedy begins in the Inaugural Season of the Philadelphia Union:

An original Zolo, Jordan Harvey was picked-up by the Union in the 2009 MLS Expansion Draft and quickly became a fixture on the Union’s back line.  His scrappy, reliable play with a total lack of regard for personal safety instantly caught my eye and I became a fan.

My friends joked I was ‘straight’ for Harvey; maybe, as he IS kinda cute…for a boy!! 🙂 but I was definitely fanning, hard!

It was a good run; he signed some SWAG (he was one of the few NOT wearing white sneakers, phew!) I asked for his Power-Balance Band and he actually threw it to me.  (I referred to it as a “Placebo Band”, he laughed.) I made this TIFO starring Harvey for the Pink Cow (I mean Red Bull) match.

Sigh, those were the days but Jordan Harvey was sold to Vancouver on July 7, 2011 for allocation money and it broke my fan heart.

Maybe this Valentine’s Day is time to move on? Maybe it is time to fan again? Who is a scrappy, tough, blue-collar, hardworking player who is also a decent human being off the field?

Of course, he was there all along, Captain Bearfight himself:  Danny Califf!! fan

Danny Califf

defender, Philadelphia Union

What would their Soccer Valentine Date be? A date with Danny would have to start off with a trip to the tattoo parlor for some ink and stories of locker-room debauchery. Having tattoos myself I know how addicting they are, so I’m sure he has an idea rattling around of something he wants done. Then we’ll change for dinner at Parc Bistro at Rittenhouse Square for classic french food and wine, he’ll need a food layer for the Bearfights to come at our next stop. At the end of the night, when he walks me to the door, I’ll have my brand-new 2012 Califf Jersey ready to be signed. What? That date was expensive, I’m gonna get me some!

Our Philadelphia Union writer Janine is on Twitter at @JerseyJ9

Anton Hysén’s Soccer Valentine

Carlos Bocanegra

defender, Rangers FC & US Men’s National Team

Why is he Anton’s Soccer Valentine? He’s good looking and obviously the captain of the US Team

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? I’d just take him out for some beers n watch football, eat some pizza n just make it simple. =)

Anton is on Twitter at @antonhysenoffic and on the web at

Jon’s Soccer Valentine

Landon Donovan

midfielder, LA Galaxy and US Men’s National Team

Why is he Jon’s Soccer Valentine? He’s cute, but he’s not my type, really.  I’m more into coaches than players if you get my drift. But I love his candor, and the fact that he’s publicly matured before our eyes as soccer fans. I like that he doesn’t let all the criticism get to him and cares more about winning than answering his doubters.  He’s in the middle of everything good that happens for whatever team he’s playing for, and that’s the sign of a quality player. And his leadership qualities keep improving — which means he’ll continue to matter to US fans like me for years to come.

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? My ideal date with Landon would be a light, healthy meal (I can’t imagine him eating fried chicken or anything), followed by him teaching me how to cross with my left foot and how to trap long balls in tight spaces.  Then we’d hold hands and watch replays of his best games while I told him how awesome he is, and how even in 2006 when everyone hated him, I was defending him in arguments even though it was getting difficult to do so.  And I’d thank him for vindicating me in 2010 with a great World Cup performance.  Then he’d go home early cause he has training in the morning, and he’d think of how I’ve inspired him to score a hat trick in the next game.

Our USMNT writer Jon is on Twitter at @jcg9879