The Amazing Race Week 1 Recap

I can’t wait for March! I am dying to see MLS action. On Sunday my Twitter timeline was blowing all evening. Why? Was there another match? Heaven forbid another trade. None of those, but something to help with the MLS offseason boredom.

A professional soccer player, the very attractive and athletic  goalkeeper Andrew Weber, is on The Amazing Race Season 20. He is currently in Florida at the Seattle  Sounders FC’s training camp. He and his musical twin brother Elliot are racing around the world with the show for a million dollars.

This isn’t the first time the Sounders have had a connection with the show. On Season 17 midfielder Michael Seamon’s sister Katie Seamon (pro volleyball player) and her teammate finished in 8th place.

As I watched the show it was a pretty tame episode. You didn’t really see Andrew or Elliot much on that episode. The best line of the show came during the team introductions when Elliot talking about the close relationship with his brother he said “We’re like life partners, except we’re not gay” to which Andrew told him he can’t say that. Other than that you didn’t really see them. They came in 6th place, safely in the middle.

When they showed previews for the upcoming season they weren’t in it much. That means one of two things: 1) They aren’t on the show much longer, or 2) They didn’t do anything silly or stupid to draw attention to themselves.

We’ll see what comes out of this. I am hoping for some good things…or just a hot distraction until the season starts.

Is it march yet?

Grant F


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