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Kickette talks to FC Edmonton Hottie Lance Parker

You can check out the full interview with FC Edmonton goalkeeper Lance Parker here on Kickette, but he had this to say about having gay male admirers:

He Has An Equal Number of Male & Female Admirers & Loves Them All The Same:
“I’m just really appreciative and happy that my work can be appreciated. Nothing really surprises me or makes me feel uncomfortable – I take every positive as a big compliment.”

He talks underwear preferences, his modeling career and more with our friends at Kickette.


If You Need a Reason to Follow NASL, Presenting Lance Parker

With thanks to Kickette bringing him to our attention, here’s FC Edmonton’s Lance Parker in uniform.

Quite a few pictures of him out of uniform after the jump. OH CANADA! read more…

The gay4soccer 2011 Year in Review

2011 was a landmark year for soccer in the US, and for gay landmarks within the sport. Here’s what stood out for us here at gay4soccer: Read more…