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Toronto FC Dream Job Contest

It’s been rumoured for a couple of days, but it’s finally been announced — TFC is looking for a new “face”: the person who will represent the team, and appear in all of its promotional and game day videos.

Naturally your correspondent, being a supporter, has entered (all you lovely readers can vote for me here) — but when I was entering, I was sort of thinking: while I am using my “outsider” status as a campaign platform, is it perhaps the place to campaign for inclusiveness?

While I ultimately decided against it, it did get me thinking: if your team held such a contest, would you base a part of your entry on diversity? And do you think it would be a vote winner?

I’d like to hear from you!

(P.S.: Have I mentioned you could vote for me here?)

A Mickey Mouse Cup / Disney Soccer Classic Preview

What could make Disney World even better than Gay Days?

No, not more princesses…you got it, pro soccer. More specifically, MLS teams playing in a pre-season tournament. Instead of heading for the Carolina Challenge Cup like we have for the past four seasons, the Reds are heading to Florida for a third straight year for the 2012 Disney World Pro Soccer Classic.

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TFC: Much Ado About Nothing!

Okay, I admit it — I’m bored.

I don’t know if this is a good thing, but when the news of the day is a former Rongen prodigy is getting a trial with the team, it seems bound to be a slow news week, TFC-wise.

For the first time in our short six-year existence, we didn’t really have to start afresh again. After Johnston, Carver, Dasovic and Preki, it seems we’ve got a nice zen-like state going. We’ve got a full assortment of players, and with the additions of Miguel Aceval and Geovanny Caicedo along with the resigning of Richard Eckersley, we are heading into First Kick 2012 with the least drama since…ever.

If it was a reality show, it’d probably be cancelled by now. For a blogger like me — it gives me little to tell you about. Even before a ball has been kicked in anger (which will be soon, the Disney Cup — or as some of my colleagues in the TFC blogosphere like to call it, the Mickey Mouse Cup), this calm, it’s so…unusual.

Maybe this is what it’s like to have stability for once? I guess it’s sort of like a long-term relationship…let’s hope we can get a ring on that!

Meet John, Our Toronto FC writer…

I am a Toronto FC supporter living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

No, there is no typo — I live in Calgary, which sits roughly 3500 kilometres (that’s about 2200 miles) northwest of Toronto, in the middle of the Canadian prairie.

I have only been to six TFC matches (five league, one Canadian Championship), and only one at the hallowed grounds that is the Lakeshore madhouse, BMO Field. Does that make me less knowledgeable about the team? Or less passionate? My fellow Red Patch Boys don’t seem to think so, nor do my colleagues at SBNation’s Waking the Red, whom I also write for.

Perhaps it was that now-infamous shower of seat cushions being beamed on CBC to my living room that warm May afternoon that drew me in, or perhaps it was the call of that goal by Nigel Reed that drew me in? I can’t say for sure. But from that day on, I wear my scarves with pride, and hang in a place of honour wherever I go.

I may be western Canadian to the bone, but my heart is Red until I’m dead.

Our Back Door Is Safer: Toronto FC Signs Aceval

First there was Richard Eckersley, and then there was Geovanny Caicedo — and today TFC added another name to its back line, which has been rumored for a long time: Chilean side Colo-Colo’s defender Miguel Aceval. While it was not a surprise, the fact that the deal (which allegedly was started during Christmas) is done before the start of training camp is refreshing.

For a long-suffering fan-base, the backline has been a sore point for a long time — and retaining Eckersley, and adding Caicedo and Aceval will go a long way to securing the home front.

(And yes, I realize there’s a LOT of potential double entendres in this post…)

Toronto FC Strengthen Backline with Eckersley, Caicedo

No way! Does TFC actually have an actual solid and firm backline for the first time in…ever?

During TFC’s media day on Thursday, they announced the resigning of (now) ex-Burnley defender Richard Eckersley. The finalization of this deal has been eagerly awaited by fans, who had been waiting on tenterhooks for the paperwork to be completed. When news broke that the English Championship side released him, most of the fears that the deal would never be done just vanished.

And to make things even better, they announced on the same day that Joao Plata’s teammate from LDU Quito, centreback(!!!) Geovanny Caicedo has been added to the lineup. For a team that’s been looking for defensive solutions and a supporter base that’s been waiting for one, the 30-year old should hopefully provide some breathing room.

There is word that the rumoured signing of Chilean team Colo-Colo’s leftback Miguel Aceval is a done deal — but nothing was announced.

There is more from TFC’s media day here, and more coverage can be found here from Waking the Red.