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Monday Happy Hour: Slow Work Day Monday

Ironically, an empanada-making competition is also part of being a trialist under Sigi Schmid.

No holiday off here at g4s central, but it has been a slow work day so have been able to read a bunch and share some favorite links from the day with you.

Friday Happy Hour: The ABC’s of Soccer Valentines

Amarikwa, Bocanegra, Califf, Donovan, and the rest…here are this week’s Soccer Valentines, listed by the one being admired:

Plus one more coming shortly from yours truly…

Jon’s Soccer Valentine

Landon Donovan

midfielder, LA Galaxy and US Men’s National Team

Why is he Jon’s Soccer Valentine? He’s cute, but he’s not my type, really.  I’m more into coaches than players if you get my drift. But I love his candor, and the fact that he’s publicly matured before our eyes as soccer fans. I like that he doesn’t let all the criticism get to him and cares more about winning than answering his doubters.  He’s in the middle of everything good that happens for whatever team he’s playing for, and that’s the sign of a quality player. And his leadership qualities keep improving — which means he’ll continue to matter to US fans like me for years to come.

What would their Soccer Valentine date be? My ideal date with Landon would be a light, healthy meal (I can’t imagine him eating fried chicken or anything), followed by him teaching me how to cross with my left foot and how to trap long balls in tight spaces.  Then we’d hold hands and watch replays of his best games while I told him how awesome he is, and how even in 2006 when everyone hated him, I was defending him in arguments even though it was getting difficult to do so.  And I’d thank him for vindicating me in 2010 with a great World Cup performance.  Then he’d go home early cause he has training in the morning, and he’d think of how I’ve inspired him to score a hat trick in the next game.

Our USMNT writer Jon is on Twitter at @jcg9879

gay4soccer Poll: Donovan vs. Dempsey

Everyone’s buzzing about Landon Donovan and Everton going up against Clint Dempsey and Fulham today in an FA Cup match. There’s a #LDvCD Twitter hashtag, Fox Soccer has scored the rights to air the game, and the MLS website is stoking the debate as to who is better. But no one is asking the key question we pose to you now:

A few photos to help you out after the jump… read more…

Vote Testo! Out Player Nominated for U.S. Soccer Athlete Council

(via Outsports)

David Testo is one of 21 nominess to fill 18 spots on U.S. Soccer’s Athlete Council. Notable members currently serving on the panel include LA Galaxy’s Landon Donovan, DC United coach Ben Olsen, and the Boston Breakers’ Cat Whitehill.

Testo spoke to Outsports about the nomination, so check out their post for his comments on accepting the nod.

Wednesday Happy Hour: Cheers to You All

Yes, we're excited you're on the list, too.

Wow. Quite a big day here at gay4soccer and thanks to you all who were part of it by helping add to our Allies list or sharing our post about it. We are very excited to have had two MLS/USMNT alumni and one current MLS player sign on today. A few more stories we’ve had our eye on today including Americans abroad and boldly combating homophobia in UK soccer are after the jump.  read more…

Monday Happy Hour: 1 Hat Trick = Half a Six Pack, Right?

And another week of Happy Hours begins this Monday with some great interviews, USMNT news, and SuperDraft excitement.  read more…

Getting Intimate…With LA Galaxy

One of the great things about MLS – and one of the things that has always been great about MLS – is the fan’s accessibility to their favorite players.  These last couple of years have seen a rapid increase in players – both big-name stars and up-and-comers – take to social media to share their soccer-related thoughts as well as their day-to-day doings. It all comes together to create a product that fans not only support, but also identify with.

The Los Angeles Galaxy – arguably the biggest brand in the league – is no different.  In addition to the hard-working social media folks in the front office whose updates are dispatched morning, day and night, several LA Galaxy players share the Twitterverse with their fans.  This list of accessible players includes two Rookies of the Year and, perhaps leading by example, the team’s captain.  A sublisting of my personal favorites are after the break. read more…

Wednesday Happy Hour: Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes

Here we are with day 2 of stories we think you should be talking about at Happy Hour tonight. The Happy Hour will be a joint operation between us here at gay4soccer and our good friends at The Free Beer Movement, so be sure to share these stories with potential soccer converts as you’re out and about this evening. read more…