Is Your Local Gay Bar gay4soccer?

Nellie's in Washington DC has done charity work with DC United and has their games on the bar's schedule along with the Nats, Caps, and Wizards.

The number of gay sports bars in America continues to grow, and last year their rise garnered the attention of everyone from sports blogs to Business Week.

But how sports-friendly are our gay sports bars, and more importantly to our interest, how soccer friendly are they? When 10:30 PM rolls around on March 10 will Boston’s gay bars that claim to be sports friendly be tuned into the Revs taking on the Quakes at Buck Shaw Stadium, or will they choose to use those screens for music videos to please the clientele looking to dance?

(To be sure, this isn’t a phenomenon exclusive to gay sports bars. Here at g4s central we’ve had to compete with “Ladies’ 80’s Night” at our local US Soccer Bar when a friendly has been on.)

To that effect, we want to shine a spotlight on the soccer friendliest gay and lesbian bars in America.

Does the gay bar you frequent have the Direct Kick package? Is it the place you know you can go to for every game the hometown team or the USA is playing? Does the bar sponsor local gay soccer teams? Have they done special soccer related events with the pro team in the area?

If a gay or lesbian bar in your town sounds like it’s a “gay4soccer bar” please let us know. Send us an
( and let us know why you think we should feature it on our site along with a point of contact at the bar. We’ll send them a short email survey so, if they’re truly gay4soccer, they can be featured here on the site.

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