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The Silly Season in Full Swing in NY

I think it’s fair to say the transfer window before the season starts has hit a fever pitch for Red Bull New York. People coming and going –  or in one case might not be able to come at all – and more rumors than a tabloid magazine. Most things stated below are strong rumors about to be done but this is NY so you never know what’s going to happen. 
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Markus Holgersson to RBNY

Today  New York got even more Scandinavian with yet another Euro signing.  Markus Holgersson has been signed as a centerback – which we need especially if we sign Ream (see my last post).

He’s hot….really hot or I just really like Scandinavians.  Hans Backe may have his faults but his improvements to the backline make  my viewing at matches at RBA much easier on the eyes when defending the South Ward.  First, Jan Gunnar Solli who was by far my favorite player last year and now Holgersson.  He also will hopefully stick around for a while in NY.  At 26, he’s just about to reach his prime for a defender.  Let’s just hope he’s good at defending set pieces which was probably the biggest flaw in the 2011 version of the Red Bulls.  Let’s hope there is a few more signings before the season opener since I’m not expecting anything out of the Superdraft for NY.


First RBNY Post – Transfer Drama and the 2012 Schedule

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So this is my first post, I’m going to be covering Red Bull New York (follow me on Twitter @akapsychosis).  The offseason has already been interesting but then again we are the soap opera MLS club, we might not win things but we bring the drama. read more…