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Tuesday Happy Hour: MLS’ New Domestic Partner

Our end of the day Happy Hour has always been about bringing you conversation starters – things to talk about as you spend time with your soccer and non-soccer friends through the evening.

The MLS’ partnership with the Boy Scouts is such a worthy topic for discussion that this Happy Hour is dedicated to recapping our discussion so far, so hopefully you can chat about it and further the conversation tonight. read more…

gay4soccer Poll: MLS and the Boy Scouts

Here’s our original post  on the MLS/BSA partnership.

The gay4soccer Opinion on the Partnership between Major League Soccer and the Boy Scouts of America (updated 1.20.12)

Let’s get one thing (proverbially) straight: we here at gay4soccer are all in favor of the continued growth of our beloved American league. But MLS’ latest partnership gave us pause and pushed us to consider whether or not we want that success at any and all costs.
read more…