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VIDEO: Anton Hysén in Britain’s Gay Footballers

For those of us who don’t live in the United Kingdom, here’s Anton Hysén’s segment in the BBC3 documentary “Britain’s Gay Footballers.”

Monday Happy Hour: What Were the World’s Gay Soccer Players Up to This Weekend?

Both Anton Hysén and David Testo were out and about this weekend — and there are some very nice pictures documenting their activities — so we recap what they were up to after the jump.  read more…

Anton Hysén: The “Guys We Like” Interview

Anton Hysén wants to play in Major League Soccer.

Born in Liverpool and currently playing in Sweden’s Division 1 for Utsiktens BK, Hysén fell in love with the United States while in college, attending North Carolina Wesleyan in Rocky Mount. While the small school is in NCAA’s Third Division and didn’t provide much exposure to soccer in the States, Hysén nonetheless grew to greatly enjoy his time in America as well as the Americans he encountered, and ventures back as often as is possible.

Noting “I like everywhere; it’s still America,” where he plays isn’t much of an issue, he just wants to play professionally in one of the great cities in a country where he has come to enjoy his time. To him living and playing in America “would be an amazing feeling,” a feeling he’s had since his time in North Carolina.  read more…