First RBNY Post – Transfer Drama and the 2012 Schedule

Hi all,

So this is my first post, I’m going to be covering Red Bull New York (follow me on Twitter @akapsychosis).  The offseason has already been interesting but then again we are the soap opera MLS club, we might not win things but we bring the drama.

Henry to Arsenal on loan

Why? Just Why?  Nothing good can come out of this loan.  If the Beckham and Gonzalez loans taught us anything it’s that major injury can happen and as opposed to those two Henry has retired from international soccer opposed to Beckham and has proved himself on the European stage as opposed to Gonzalez.  Arsenal and Red Bull are already arguing over when he comes back to NY.  He should be back when Red Bull wants him back since I doubt he will play against Spurs and that’s the game in question regarding his return.  I hope this loan does not make him exhausted when the end of the season/playoffs happen.   I guess we will see what happens in the next two months.

Ream to Bolton

News reports are stating that a deal is almost finalized for Ream to go to Bolton for about $3.5 million.   I don’t know how I feel about this.  Even if Ream did not go to Europe, Red Bull was already looking for 1 center half and now we would need to find 2.  Then again he had a shit season in 2011 and our defense was horrid so maybe a complete revamp would be good.  I’m always for USMNT member to go to Europe if they will get playing time over there and not be a benchwarmer which I feel he would be a starter because the deal is happening due to Gary Cahill going toChelsea.  It would hopefully make him the better player we saw glimpses of in his rookie season for the USMNT who needs some new young center halves for the next World Cup.  I just wish that the team and not MLS as a whole got the transfer fee but we all know MLS isn’t without its flaws especially when it comes to transfers.

Marquez to anywhere really

Just go away please Marquez.  I don’t care where or for how much just go away.  He was such a cancer to the team last year I really don’t care where he plays in 2012 as long as it’s not in a Red Bull jersey.  Atlas or Barca or anywhere would make us all happy. Not much more to say about that but being that he’s the one player I want gone, he will most likely be in the starting XI when first kick happens.

2012 schedule

First off, I’m pissed we don’t have a balanced schedule but nothing can be done about that.  The unbalanced schedule format is a plus for Red Bull though with less travel and playing less on artificial surfaces since we all know Henry somehow is always injured or suspended for those games.

Second, really Philly, DC, andNew England all away twice.  All of our big rivals get the upper hand on us.  The first Philly away is my birthday weekend and I can’t think of anything I’d want to do less then go to the city that I have such bad luck in (seriously even without sports whenever I go to Philly something bad always happens to me) on my birthday weekend.

Third, I’m really sad there is no LA game in NY this year.  They are always a big spectacle plus with Beckham looking like he’s staying in the league for another year I won’t have a game to stare at him in person.  I knew that was going to happen when they announced the schedule format.

Finally, hopefully the new season will bring a change in Hans Backe as I heard that at the end of the season meeting the players vented their frustrations with him.  So here’s to a 2012 with substitutions and some young players getting a chance to show if they are talented or not and hopefully a little less drama off the field.



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