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Seattle Trades are Done…Time to Drink!!!

Ok…where to start this post???

**Warning the following is from an upset and soon-to-be drunk Sounders fan.**

Please pardon me as I grab a shot of whiskey… Tequila… Rum… What the hell one of everything!!!

This is almost as bad as black Tuesday when we lost Riley, Wahl, Boss, and Arlo White.

This is a big blow! Not only do we lose two players for the price of one, we get a Europe reject trying to come back to MLS in an attempt to gain favor with the National Team.

I loved see Mike grow and enjoyed seeing his cute big butt running up and down the pitch.

Now to my hometown boy Lamar! This is what has me so upset. He is a great player and a great guy. He is a local guy. From Federal Way. Really close to where I live. He was drafted in 2009, and sent to Charleston Battery to develop. Then sent to Europe. Then in 2011 after camp he was signed to the first team. When I met him for the first time I said he was doing a good job and I can’t wait to see him grow as a player… that’s all before his hat trick, and amazing season! Now I’ll have to watch from afar.

Damn it! Just know Lamar I’ll be rooting for you always! A fan for life. Let me know when you’re in town. Love to take you to dinner and/or a drink!

I wish the Impact luck with their Sounders as they now have 5 alumni.

Dear Mister Johnson, you have big shoes to fill. If you feel up to it, I’m glad and I really wanna see this go well! I also have Lamar’s match-worn and signed boots. If you wanna give me yours too that might help to ease my pain.

I don’t envy you. This is a hard place to be put! The best of luck to you good sir. Welcome to the team and to Seattle! Lets go out there and put on a good show.

Sigi I trust you…but please don’t lose your mind like Nowak.

Tentatively appeased and buzzed until later.

Is it march yet?

Grant F.

FC Dallas: Judging the Offseason Moves

Aside from preseason scrimmages, it has been quiet on the news front for fans of FC Dallas. While the team has made some moves and picked up some new players, the off-season has arguably been dominated by the George John transfer saga and to a lesser extent concerns about 2010 MLS MVP David Ferreira’s recovery following a broken ankle suffered early on last season against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Despite the seeming lack of energy surrounding the Hoops things picked up a bit in early January, starting with the club picking up Panamanian striker Blas Pérez and Colombian defender Hernán Pertúz on the same day, followed by George John’s loan to West Ham soon after. Soon after that Maicon Santos had the 2012 option on his contract declined, Marvin Chavéz was traded to San Jose for allocation money, finishing up with Jackson going on loan to Brazilian side Cruzeiro. Other than their picks from the supplemental draft, the acquisition of Carlos Rodríguez from Tauro FC has thus far signalled the end of Dallas’ off-season action.

With no apparent moves on the horizon (at least that I see) now seems an appropriate time to judge just what kind of impact the offseason had on the Hoops. To do so, I will be utilizing the Castrol Index, the official Performance Index of the MLS. It is by no means a perfect system of analysis but, seeing as it is meant mostly for rating individual performances, for my purposes it will provide a better method of analysis for rating what the loss of individual players might mean to the team.

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A Mickey Mouse Cup / Disney Soccer Classic Preview

What could make Disney World even better than Gay Days?

No, not more princesses…you got it, pro soccer. More specifically, MLS teams playing in a pre-season tournament. Instead of heading for the Carolina Challenge Cup like we have for the past four seasons, the Reds are heading to Florida for a third straight year for the 2012 Disney World Pro Soccer Classic.

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TFC: Much Ado About Nothing!

Okay, I admit it — I’m bored.

I don’t know if this is a good thing, but when the news of the day is a former Rongen prodigy is getting a trial with the team, it seems bound to be a slow news week, TFC-wise.

For the first time in our short six-year existence, we didn’t really have to start afresh again. After Johnston, Carver, Dasovic and Preki, it seems we’ve got a nice zen-like state going. We’ve got a full assortment of players, and with the additions of Miguel Aceval and Geovanny Caicedo along with the resigning of Richard Eckersley, we are heading into First Kick 2012 with the least drama since…ever.

If it was a reality show, it’d probably be cancelled by now. For a blogger like me — it gives me little to tell you about. Even before a ball has been kicked in anger (which will be soon, the Disney Cup — or as some of my colleagues in the TFC blogosphere like to call it, the Mickey Mouse Cup), this calm, it’s so…unusual.

Maybe this is what it’s like to have stability for once? I guess it’s sort of like a long-term relationship…let’s hope we can get a ring on that!

BREAKING: 2018 FIFA World Cup Host City Passes Bill Fining “Promotion of Homosexuality”

(via Huffington Post)

We already knew the selection of Russia and Qatar for the 2018 and 2012 FIFA World Cups, respectively, raised numerous civil rights questions.

But now the city of Saint Petersburg, one of the sites for Russia’s turn at hosting, has enacted a bill imposing fines of $16,700 for “public activities promoting homosexuality (sodomy and lesbianism), bisexualism and transgender identity.”

Advocacy groups are calling the legislation a “gay gag order” and it would ban any gay pride events in the city. The fine under the current legislation is ten times what it was when it was under consideration last year.

Bravo, FIFA. Bravo, Sepp.

(H/T @sixpackage on Twitter)

Romney Campaign to Stop Using 2010 World Cup Anthem

My day job is somewhat political, so I always find it amusing when the soccer world and political world intersect.

Our ally Grant Wahl alerted the Twitter world to CNN reporting that Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign agreeing to stop using K’Naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” at his request. The song was featured at the campaign’s victory party following Tuesday’s Florida primary, and is best known as Coca-Cola’s promotional anthem during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

From the CNN report:

“I have not been asked for permission by Mitt Romney’s campaign for the use of my song. If I had been asked, I would certainly not have granted it,” K’Naan said in a statement. “I would happily grant the Obama campaign use of my song without prejudice.”

Our friends at KCKRS also reported on this story this morning.

And since it’s only fair that you all get the song that was such a big part of our lives in the summer of 2010 stuck in your head today too…

Still chokes me up a little.

WPS Suspending Operations for the 2012 Season

Rumors have been circulating all morning, but we’ll take Grant Wahl’s tweet as gospel truth that Women’s Professional Soccer  will not have a 2012 season.

Wahl says an email players received cites the ongoing legal battles with Dan Borislow has been diverting too many resources from growing the league.

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Toronto FC Strengthen Backline with Eckersley, Caicedo

No way! Does TFC actually have an actual solid and firm backline for the first time in…ever?

During TFC’s media day on Thursday, they announced the resigning of (now) ex-Burnley defender Richard Eckersley. The finalization of this deal has been eagerly awaited by fans, who had been waiting on tenterhooks for the paperwork to be completed. When news broke that the English Championship side released him, most of the fears that the deal would never be done just vanished.

And to make things even better, they announced on the same day that Joao Plata’s teammate from LDU Quito, centreback(!!!) Geovanny Caicedo has been added to the lineup. For a team that’s been looking for defensive solutions and a supporter base that’s been waiting for one, the 30-year old should hopefully provide some breathing room.

There is word that the rumoured signing of Chilean team Colo-Colo’s leftback Miguel Aceval is a done deal — but nothing was announced.

There is more from TFC’s media day here, and more coverage can be found here from Waking the Red.

USA Friendlies Analysis: B-Side All Mixed Up

US Soccer’s January camp is a chance for coach Jurgen Klinsmann to get a look at the second tier US players for an extended period of time and test their implementation of his system in a couple of friendlies against similarly skilled competition.  Without Dempsey, Donovan, Howard, Bocanegra, Bradley, and the other regulars, it’s a time for younger players to show what they can bring and a time for us to hopefully get excited about some young talent stepping up.

The US won both matches, as expected, but not with the panache we would have hoped for.  While there’s no doubt that this was a learning experience for both coach and player alike, the soccer on display was pretty ragged for a team that had plenty of time to gel in training camp.  At home with a decent crowd in Phoenix, a last minute win against Venezuela was justification for a controlling, if not attractive, performance. In Panama, the team was out-muscled, out-hustled, and out-coached against a physical side that deserved better than a 0-1 loss for their efforts.

Match reports are available here, so I’ll focus on my takeaways.

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David Testo is the First Out Man Elected to the U.S. Soccer Athlete Council

(via Outsports)

Testo joins Stu Holden, Cobi Jones, Kristine Lilly, Heather Mitts, Christie Rampone, Claudio Reyna, Jonathan Spector, and ten others to two-year terms on the Council.