The Silly Season in Full Swing in NY

I think it’s fair to say the transfer window before the season starts has hit a fever pitch for Red Bull New York. People coming and going –  or in one case might not be able to come at all – and more rumors than a tabloid magazine. Most things stated below are strong rumors about to be done but this is NY so you never know what’s going to happen. 

So first off, Centerbacks

It is official – Ream is going to Bolton since the work permit was approved.  Thanks Ream for two years; let’s hope 2011 is your worst ever year and you rebound and fuck some shit up in England.  I will always remember your first interview in 2010 and how horribly bad it was – oh you had no experience with PR and that of course never happens now.  (Talking about American defenders in England sidenote how great was Zak Whitbread against Chelsea on Saturday and why isn’t he being called up to the USMNT?)

So now that Ream is out, apparently Wilman Conde is finally coming to NY.  He wanted to come when Osario left Chicago to come to NY to coach but that didn’t happen and he ended up in Mexico.  Well, it looks like he will be coming here, which means we will have 3 CBs and Marquez. So I think we are good now in that position and now there is some height so maybe we will fix that whole set piece problem that happened last year.  Conde won’t take any crap from Marquez so this ought to be interesting, but apparently Marquez put all of last years drama behind him and he’s ready to play this season.  I’ll believe that when I see it.

Next up, Completing our Scandinavian Collection (seriously, Scandinavians are like Pokémon cards to Backe/Soler)

After having Swedes, Norwegians, Estonians, etc., we were missing an Icelandic player.  In comes Victor Palsson, a 20-year-old midfielder from Iceland that plays for Hiberian in Scotland.  Now we have them all.  What would be a new NY signing with out some weird run-in with the law? Apparently he peed on the wall of a nightclub and got banned from all bars in Edinburgh, Scotland for 10 years.  As long as he can deliver on the pitch we won’t care (right, Rodgers?).

The Latest Journeyman

Tony Williams is coming to NY also, and as a left back and a midfielder he will add some nice depth.  The whole European international label is a joke though since he played for Cyprus once like 5 years ago.  He’s played for 15 teams in England but he we’ve had other players come from Europe as a journeyman like Taino and Rodgers.  He also has a model wife who’s pretty hot and is something of a C-list celebrity in England.


So with preseason starting with all of one goalie in training – you know the one drafted but none of the 5 that were used last year because apparently Backe plans were that we won’t need a goalie this year.  Rumor has it Jeremy Vuolo is the mystery American keeper that plays in Europe.  He went to college at Hartwick then Syracuse and then played in Finland.  He’s highly rated.  The interesting bit is that he is a good little church boy so it will be interesting if he rubs off on his teammates or if they rub off on him.  Let’s hope there is one more goalie signing with a higher rep before the season starts, but who knows?  The only thing known for sure is Frank Rost is not returning so hopefully our next starting keeper has just as nice of an ass and legs.

Visa Problems (Again?!?)

So the RB front office is so organized they somehow let Rodgers’ visa expire without first starting the renewal process and it took over a year to get that visa.  Right now he is stuck in Europe trying to figure this all out.  Even though we signed Kenny Cooper and hopefully will hold onto Juan Agudelo this season we need Rodgers since he keeps things entertaining.  If this all works out, though, we could have an even more impressive strike force this year with Henry, Rodgers, Agudelo, and Cooper. We might see some good striker substitutions this year.

On that note, Henry has managed to score, get into a fight with an Arsenal supporter, and get injured already in England.  It’s good to see he is keeping up his 2011 form.

So chances are only half of this post is true and more crazy shit will happen before the home opener since there are many rumors of Agudelo going to England or Germany and many players are being rumored to come to NY including Renny Vega, Michael Ballack, and Caleb Patterson-Sewell.  I don’t even think Hans knows who he will have at his disposal against Dallas come First Kick in March.



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