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gay4soccer Poll: Should There Be More Consequences for Homophobic Language?

This week we covered Vancouver’s Lee Nguyen sending a Tweet with homophobic language to teammate Brad Knighton.

He apologized, and we took his apology and desire to do more to make up for the Tweet as sincere. But there have been recent cases — in both other sports here in the US and in soccer abroad — of stiff penalties handed down to players who have Tweeted similar things.

Hockey minor leaguer Justin Fontaine received a two-game suspension for a Tweet about the Foo Fighters with the same f-word used by Nguyen during the Grammies.

Today the English FA charged West Ham’s Ravel Morrison for using homophobic language on Twitter and recent Tweets involving that f-word have resulted in fines of thousands of pounds.

So what should the US Soccer Federation and Major League Soccer do? Should they do more, or is the way Nguyen’s situation has been handled both by  himself and by the Whitecaps sufficient?

If you have any other thoughts or solutions, please leave them in the comments.

Anton Hysén: The “Guys We Like” Interview

Anton Hysén wants to play in Major League Soccer.

Born in Liverpool and currently playing in Sweden’s Division 1 for Utsiktens BK, Hysén fell in love with the United States while in college, attending North Carolina Wesleyan in Rocky Mount. While the small school is in NCAA’s Third Division and didn’t provide much exposure to soccer in the States, Hysén nonetheless grew to greatly enjoy his time in America as well as the Americans he encountered, and ventures back as often as is possible.

Noting “I like everywhere; it’s still America,” where he plays isn’t much of an issue, he just wants to play professionally in one of the great cities in a country where he has come to enjoy his time. To him living and playing in America “would be an amazing feeling,” a feeling he’s had since his time in North Carolina.  read more…