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Tuesday Happy Hour: Pour One Out for WPS

I’ve really tried to come up with a post lamenting the loss of the 2012 Women’s Professional Soccer season, but the only words that seem to be able to flow from my fingers are “Well damn, this sucks.” As someone whose first act upon re-entering the United States last August was to rush to a TV to watch last year’s final, I’m a fan who is supremely disappointed in the loss of the season. As I’m this upset and not finding the words to express this adequately, I’m going to rely on the words of others.

Steven Goff surmises that the loss of the 2012 WPS season may be the complete end of women’s pro soccer in America. (Washington Post)

Lauren Barker does an excellent job of analyzing what went wrong and assigns blame all around rather than just beating on the obvious punching bag.  (World Soccer Reader)

Julie Foudy, veteran of the old WUSA league and the national team, gives her optimistic outlook on women’s professional soccer in the USA after the events of yesterday. (ESPNW)

And, of course, The Ginge Has Lost His Mind. (Ginge Talks the Footy)


Our Back Door Is Safer: Toronto FC Signs Aceval

First there was Richard Eckersley, and then there was Geovanny Caicedo — and today TFC added another name to its back line, which has been rumored for a long time: Chilean side Colo-Colo’s defender Miguel Aceval. While it was not a surprise, the fact that the deal (which allegedly was started during Christmas) is done before the start of training camp is refreshing.

For a long-suffering fan-base, the backline has been a sore point for a long time — and retaining Eckersley, and adding Caicedo and Aceval will go a long way to securing the home front.

(And yes, I realize there’s a LOT of potential double entendres in this post…)

Do the American Outlaws Perpetuate the Gender Divide in US Soccer?

This is something that has been bothering me for a while, and I think so. This is my opinion based on various AO Twitter accounts and their website. This does not mean that all chapters do this, as I do not follow every chapter’s twitter accounts/websites. This is just from what I have seen from the ones I follow, as well as stories I have heard from friends about the experiences with their local chapters and their views towards the women’s game.

Now, I’ve been thinking about this a lot after seeing the first WNT Olympic qualifying match on Friday, January 20, especially in comparison to the MNT friendly match that was played the following day. Dozens of AO members traveled to Phoenix to support the men in red, white, and blue for a Camp Cupcake friendly. The WNT is currently playing in a tournament that determines whether or not they get to play in the 2012 Summer Olympics, and there was no AO section shown on either of the broadcasts I watched. read more…

Taylor Twellman Joins the Allies List – High Fives All Around!!!

It’s great; Taylor Twellman has joined the growing list of gay4soccer allies. As a Union fan, I am ecstatic.

Union fans feel a particular kinship with TT, not only was he the Union’s 2011 color commentator, but he also participated in a memorable inside joke with some of the members of the Sons of Ben via Twitter.

Dubbed the ‘Meow Mafia’ (paying homage to a classic scene in the film “Super Troopers”) they challenged TT to say ‘MEOW’ on television…and he did!!  A Philly meme was born. Even Union Midfielder Kyle Nakazawa’s band gave the Meow Mafia a shout-out!

One day I found myself crossing paths with TT after hanging TIFO in The River End before a match. All I could muster was “Have a good day, MEOW!”.  TT laughed and Dellacamera did the ‘gotch-ya’ point!!  Classic!!

Welcome to the Allies List Taylor Twellman, you’re making all of us in Philly proud!!


(TT also wins for best shirt/tie combinations on TV. Yes, better than Shannon Sharpe. Double proud!)

(tailgate photo from Earl Gardner, Philly Soccer Page)

gay4soccer Poll: Is Piers Morgan’s Tweet Homophobic?

Lots of people were reacting on Twitter as they watched BBC3’s documentary on homophobia in football tonight. Two of them were Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand and CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, who have been in something of a Twitter feud. Here’s their exchange:

Now Piers has a history of being accused of homophobia, often criticizing drag and gay performers on America’s Got Talent harshly. And one blog is accusing Morgan of “openly hostile, homophobic comments.” So…

Monday Happy Hour: The Week in Gay Soccer

Bravo Canada! Let's get one of these hung at USA matches.

For Monday’s Happy Hour we’re simply bringing you some notable gay soccer stories from the past week:

In Tennessee, an outspoken out youth soccer player has blogged about how a bill being considered in their legislature is the cause  for a teen suicide. (Outsports)

BBC Three in the UK is airing a documentary on homosexuality in football tonight. Anton Hysen is featured in it and QPR’s Joey Barton speaks out for change revealing he has a gay uncle.  (The Daily Mail, H/T Brian Dunseth)

Chicago’s Windy City Times did an interview with out former MLS and NASL player David Testo. (Windy City Times)

Out Philadelphia Player Tasha Kai Gives Her $.02 on the WPS Season (language NSFW)

Posted without comment, Independence Forward Natasha Kai has some choice words for Dan Borislow after the jump…  read more…

WPS Suspending Operations for the 2012 Season

Rumors have been circulating all morning, but we’ll take Grant Wahl’s tweet as gospel truth that Women’s Professional Soccer  will not have a 2012 season.

Wahl says an email players received cites the ongoing legal battles with Dan Borislow has been diverting too many resources from growing the league.

read more…

Gay Pride at the Olympic Qualifiers Final

Huge kudos to Teddy Montoya for catching this from Sunday night’s US-Canada dead rubber at the Olympic qualifiers…

…It’s things like these that make me feel proud to be Canadian!

Friday Happy Hour: Best of the Week

Lots of great posts from our writing team this week, so here’s a Friday afternoon recap:

Have a good weekend!