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Tuesday Happy Hour: Pour One Out for WPS

I’ve really tried to come up with a post lamenting the loss of the 2012 Women’s Professional Soccer season, but the only words that seem to be able to flow from my fingers are “Well damn, this sucks.” As someone whose first act upon re-entering the United States last August was to rush to a TV to watch last year’s final, I’m a fan who is supremely disappointed in the loss of the season. As I’m this upset and not finding the words to express this adequately, I’m going to rely on the words of others.

Steven Goff surmises that the loss of the 2012 WPS season may be the complete end of women’s pro soccer in America. (Washington Post)

Lauren Barker does an excellent job of analyzing what went wrong and assigns blame all around rather than just beating on the obvious punching bag.  (World Soccer Reader)

Julie Foudy, veteran of the old WUSA league and the national team, gives her optimistic outlook on women’s professional soccer in the USA after the events of yesterday. (ESPNW)

And, of course, The Ginge Has Lost His Mind. (Ginge Talks the Footy)