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Chivas USA Update: How Many Midfielders Are on the Team Now?

While all the latest soccer hype in LA of late has been about the other team at the Home Depot Center, Chivas USA have quietly yet efficiently started on their 2012 campaign. With preseason beginning last week, the Goats began their preseason with a medical, two-a-days, and the dreaded beep test. The team is currently in Oxnard, California where they will continue training through the end of the week. How has the offseason treated the team, and what needs to happen for Chivas USA to have a better season that last (where they did not play up to standard)? Warning: this is extensive. This post is definitely a bit serious but no fear, I figure it’s best to get the serious stuff out of the way first.  Let’s take a look  read more…


gay4soccer Poll: Donovan vs. Dempsey

Everyone’s buzzing about Landon Donovan and Everton going up against Clint Dempsey and Fulham today in an FA Cup match. There’s a #LDvCD Twitter hashtag, Fox Soccer has scored the rights to air the game, and the MLS website is stoking the debate as to who is better. But no one is asking the key question we pose to you now:

A few photos to help you out after the jump… read more…

Toronto FC Strengthen Backline with Eckersley, Caicedo

No way! Does TFC actually have an actual solid and firm backline for the first time in…ever?

During TFC’s media day on Thursday, they announced the resigning of (now) ex-Burnley defender Richard Eckersley. The finalization of this deal has been eagerly awaited by fans, who had been waiting on tenterhooks for the paperwork to be completed. When news broke that the English Championship side released him, most of the fears that the deal would never be done just vanished.

And to make things even better, they announced on the same day that Joao Plata’s teammate from LDU Quito, centreback(!!!) Geovanny Caicedo has been added to the lineup. For a team that’s been looking for defensive solutions and a supporter base that’s been waiting for one, the 30-year old should hopefully provide some breathing room.

There is word that the rumoured signing of Chilean team Colo-Colo’s leftback Miguel Aceval is a done deal — but nothing was announced.

There is more from TFC’s media day here, and more coverage can be found here from Waking the Red.

Thursday Happy Hour: Three in a Row!

It’s great to be an American soccer fan at a time when both the National Men’s and Women’s Teams are chalking up wins. If Jon’s great analysis of the last few matches wasn’t enough for you we bring you a few other perspectives in the Happy Hour. Also, one of our allies’ teams gets some new kits and via Jay DeMerit we find out about Stu Holden’s representing Bolton in a UK literacy project. Finally, a new soccer ally gives us an excuse to revisit a video we love. read more…

USA Friendlies Analysis: B-Side All Mixed Up

US Soccer’s January camp is a chance for coach Jurgen Klinsmann to get a look at the second tier US players for an extended period of time and test their implementation of his system in a couple of friendlies against similarly skilled competition.  Without Dempsey, Donovan, Howard, Bocanegra, Bradley, and the other regulars, it’s a time for younger players to show what they can bring and a time for us to hopefully get excited about some young talent stepping up.

The US won both matches, as expected, but not with the panache we would have hoped for.  While there’s no doubt that this was a learning experience for both coach and player alike, the soccer on display was pretty ragged for a team that had plenty of time to gel in training camp.  At home with a decent crowd in Phoenix, a last minute win against Venezuela was justification for a controlling, if not attractive, performance. In Panama, the team was out-muscled, out-hustled, and out-coached against a physical side that deserved better than a 0-1 loss for their efforts.

Match reports are available here, so I’ll focus on my takeaways.

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Meet Janine, Our Philadelphia Union Writer…

What can I say, I love soccer. I love match days the way kids love going to Disneyland.  I love the experience, I love the emotion and I love the people, well, most of them.  Yes, my team is the Union, but I am also a Founding Member, Season Ticket Holder, a member of the Sons of Ben and have never missed a home match.  This will be my first attempt at blogging so I am a little nervous, but at least I am writing about something I love and something I live.

I have always enjoyed all kinds of sports. I used to play tons before I messed up my back but I never stopped watching. I love how matches are neutral to the political folly of humans. The players themselves may not be, but there are rules, and they are for everyone. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, purple, gay, straight or whatever, the laws of physics are absolute and the player that worked the hardest, with the best genetic makeup, will prevail. Of course there is luck, but luck runs out.

I can be found in The River End, section 138 (‘We Are 138’) with my wonderful girlfriend that I think loves the Union more than me! So I get to enjoy the sport I love with the person I love, life is great!!  DOOP!!

(You can follow Janine on Twitter at @JerseyJ9 – ed.)

Wednesday Happy Hour: Hot Twins!

No bait and switch here. There will be some hot twins featured as part of today’s Happy Hour and I know that makes me happy. We also celebrate the success of the USA Women and look forward to the success of the USA Men. And the only thing hotter than the twins after the jump may be the marketing put together by the Chicago Fire and Quaker Oats.   read more…

The Silly Season in Full Swing in NY

I think it’s fair to say the transfer window before the season starts has hit a fever pitch for Red Bull New York. People coming and going –  or in one case might not be able to come at all – and more rumors than a tabloid magazine. Most things stated below are strong rumors about to be done but this is NY so you never know what’s going to happen. 
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David Testo is the First Out Man Elected to the U.S. Soccer Athlete Council

(via Outsports)

Testo joins Stu Holden, Cobi Jones, Kristine Lilly, Heather Mitts, Christie Rampone, Claudio Reyna, Jonathan Spector, and ten others to two-year terms on the Council.


We’re gay4dunny and gay4wingert.

We love and are grateful for everyone on our Allies List, but last night two members of the MLS family took some time out of their days to do something special, and we wanted to take note of it, as well as give them a thank-you.

They are former  MLS player and current Real Salt Lake and Fox Soccer analyst Brian Dunseth and Real Salt Lake Defender Chris Wingert. Dunseth also keeps us looking good and well informed as the co-owner of Bumpy Pitch and The Original Winger.

So what did they do? They participated in the NOH8 Campaign’s first photo shoot in Salt Lake City, at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church.

The NOH8 Campaign was born as a silent protest to the passage of Proposition 8 in California, but since then has grown to stand for GLBT equality far beyond the issue of marriage. Over 20,000 people from all walks of life have participated in NOH8. Subjects are photographed with a temporary “NOH8” tattoo and duct tape placed over their mouth.

For anyone interested in being in one of the future shoots – and there are a bunch this year in or near MLS cities – we heard from Dunny who said it was a “really cool experience.”

Dunseth and Wingert are the fourth and fifth soccer personalities to participate in the Campaign, following in the footsteps of Portland’s Mike Chabala, Chivas USA’s Michael Lahoud, and Montreal’s Justin Braun. You can check out their pictures on the Allies Page and we look forward to seeing the results of last night’s shoot!