Jersey Review: The Seattle Sounders’ Third Kit is “Super Cyan”

There is a lot that can be and has been said of the Sounders new third kit. Trust me, the locals already have.

“A worse, gayer highlighter.” “Like Easter threw up.” “We’ve had the yellow highlighter, now the blue one. What’s next? The pink or orange one?” “They didn’t want to lose the electric yellow so they muted it with a crappy blue”

"I'm wearing super cyan and I'm loving it!"

Now as for me I think that this is the second best new kit that came out this year… I think is funny that they decided to call it super cyan. I think that it had to do with the infectious “Supa Fred” chant. In Vancouver the ECS started a “suuuupper super Fred” chant for our dear Fredy Montero after his goal. So will we have a new kit next year and call it the honey badger after our one and only ‘he dont give a sh##’ Ozzie Alonso? I think yes!

As for the pallete that Adidas and the Sounders use, hmm, well could you at least use real world colors. Like maybe a disco tech. It’s 2012, not David Bowie’s dressing room from his 1970s Ziggy Stardust era.

I think it’s funny that people are hating on the new “super cyan” because about 50%-plus hated electricity. Now all of the sudden “it wasn’t that bad. I grew to like it… I’m never gonna like this one.” Not until a worse color comes out, that is!

Now is the time I’ll let you know what I really think. Whether you love it or hate it it’s done it’s job. The Sounders want to be a world-class team. World-class teams are noticed and talked about for the good and the bad. Mission accomplished!!! Will I buy it? You bet your butt! Did I buy electricity? Hell yes, I loved it! I don’t love it as much but it’s different. And unless you have seen it in person it’s really hard to judge. Just like the electricity, it doesn’t photograph well. Or look good on camera. It’s a much better view in person. Plus it’s better than the boring and unimaginative standard white third kit lots of teams have. And for the record, I don’t own the 11/12 rave green. I hate that one and won’t support it.

Lastly, power to the people. If you hate it, don’t buy it! Speak with your money if you don’t buy it they’ll get the message. That is the power of capitalism.

Enjoy the world’s beautiful game!

Grant f.


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