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Meet Justin, Our New FC Dallas Writer…

The World Cup is arguably, if not factually, the world’s largest sporting event. With the amount of media coverage that it draws, even in the historically soccer-hostile environment that is the United States, they are bound to reach a few people who have never been exposed to it before. Such was the case in 2010.

I had never watched a professional soccer match before the 2010 World Cup, but thanks in part to Twitter’s participation in the proceedings I gave it a shot. Whether by mere coincidence or because fate demanded it, I happened to be a witness to one of the greatest moments in modern US soccer history.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. This one.

When it was all over, I had found my new passion. I’d always been a fan of sports–baseball especially– but the excitement and goosebumps I get when I see that goal replayed even to this day are feelings that have only been replicated a few times in any other sport.

Naturally I soon discovered the MLS and FC Dallas, and they have been my primary club ever since. Some people laugh and scoff when I tell them that the Hoops are my preferred clubs amongst my list of sides who I support, but they are my home club, and always will be. I was lucky enough to have discovered them in the midst of their run to the MLS Cup Final, only to have experienced the absolute heartbreak and despair that only a terribly unlucky bounce in extra time could produce. I had never experienced a disappointment like that before 2010. Nowadays I know that while it hurts to lose, the day after that terrible loss is just the first day of looking forward to the next match.

I had also never been a member of a supporter’s group before 2010, but now I’m looking forward to renewing my Inferno membership for the new year.

I may be new to the beautiful game, but it has come to dominate my sports consciousness, and I’m excited to be able to write about it for gay4soccer.