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Portland Timbers Off-Season Pickups

This off-season we have seen a different Portland Timbers than what we saw last season. We had exits from notable people like Rodrigo Lopez, Kenny Cooper, Peter Lowry, Kevin Goldthwaite, Adin Brown, and Brian Umony. However, we had some notable pick ups that can help us secure a good defensive line and a striker position.

From the website we have the following people who were picked up so far in the off-season (and we are so far not even done  yet):  José Adolfo Valencia (12/14: Independiente Santa Fe/Colombia); F Brent Richards (1/4: Home Grown); D Andrew Jean-Baptiste (1/12: SuperDraft); M Brendan King(1/12: SuperDraft); D Hanyer Mosquera (1/17: free); M Ryan Kowaluk (1/17: supplemental draft); M Miguel Ibarra (1/17: supplemental draft); G Doug Herrick (1/17: supplemental draft); M Logan McDaniel (1/17: supplemental draft); F Kris Boyd (1/30: free); M Charles Renken (1/31: waiver wire)

Now this doesn’t mean that some of these players won’t be cut (especially the people from the Supplemental Draft). There are a few players in here that stick out to most people so I am going to introduce you guys to these people here on the website.

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