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New Season, New Players, Same Old Red Bulls…..

Well we got the first loss out of the way in Dallas.  At least it wasn’t all bad but about a good 80 minutes of it was.

The Good

Ryan Meara looked really good between the sticks for his first ever pro game.  It would have been a much bigger disaster if it wasn’t for him we might have drafted another hometown gem here.

Juan Agudelo got a start which proves that Hans Backe is just keeping him grounded while improving his game so we don’t have a repeat of Jozy Altidore (who by the way is killing it in the Netherlands).  I don’t know if he will continue to start next to Henry with our other attacking options. Which brings us to….

Kenny Cooper who came off the bench and scored our only goal.  I had a good feeling when the trade happened that he will be a great asset and he is already proving this.  I think he will be starting next to Henry unless we get Rodgers over here (any girls want to marry him so he can come to the US).

NBC’s production was great, I was at a bar that was packed and loud so I don’t know how the sound/commentary was but it looked really good.



The Bad

The midfield was a mess.  The sad part of that was that there was no new players in the midfield.  A year after playing together and still can’t get it together.   The midfield is supposed to be our strong suit.  I’m hoping it was just a bad day at the office.

Sven Holgersson – I had high hopes for him when he was signed but he was a complete mess in the back.  I’m hoping its just the pains of moving from Europe to the MLS but who knows and with Conde already having injury problems we might realize how badly we are going to miss Tim Ream (who has had a great start for Bolton – purely amazing against QPR).



Let’s hope for a better game on Saturday but granted its at Salt Lake so I’m not holding my breath.  This team will hopefully bring it together soon or summer can’t come fast enough and the 3rd DP – which I’m liking the Stephan Ireland rumors but who knows who will come.


Happy Soccer Valentine Week!

All this week the gay4soccer writing team, along with some friends of the site, will be sharing our Soccer Valentines with you all. We’re letting our imaginations run wild (within reason) with the fantasy Valentine dates we would have with our favorite soccer personalities. Look for them all week and enjoy!

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday

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