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Tuesday Happy Hour: The Soccer Twitterverse Reacts to Prop 8 Being Overturned

We don’t like to get overtly political here about non-soccer issues, but we can’t help but be happy about the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declaring California’s Proposition 8 as unconstitutional today. It’s not the final hurdle as an appeal to the Supreme Court is expected, but it’s good to see another step toward marriage equality returning to the Golden State.

Here are some reactions we’ve seen from members of the soccer family across Twitter this afternoon. Enjoy them as you toast the good news.

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Monday Happy Hour: What Were the World’s Gay Soccer Players Up to This Weekend?

Both Anton Hysén and David Testo were out and about this weekend — and there are some very nice pictures documenting their activities — so we recap what they were up to after the jump.  read more…

Friday Happy Hour: Best of the Week

So many good posts this week, so it’s time for a recap…

Have a great weekend! And behave yourself, because Sigi is watching.

Thursday Happy Hour: I Always Feel Like Sigi Is Watching Me…

Time once again to cruise around the web to take a look at a few stories worth talking about at tonight’s Happy Hour.

As sarcastic as the writer of the NBC article is, we think it’s pretty cool that England’s Professional Footballers’ Association is sending every pro team in the country this anti-homophobia poster. (NBC Sports)

Also across the pond, every single club in England’s Premier League signed onto the government’s Sports Charter aimed at combating homophobia and transphobia in sports. It’s too bad MLS doesn’t have something like this. (Pink News)

– We believe that everyone should be able to participate in, watch and enjoy sport – whoever they are and whatever their background.
– We believe that sport is about fairness and equality, respect and dignity. Sport teaches individuals how to strive and succeed, how to cope with success and disappointment, and brings people together with a common goal.
– We are committed to making these values a reality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. We will work together, and individually, to rid sport of homophobia and transphobia.
– We will make football a welcome place for everyone – for those participating in the sport, those attending matches and for those working or volunteering in it. We will work with all these groups to ensure they have a voice, and to challenge unacceptable behaviour.

It looks like we’re not the only ones Twitter stalking Andrew Duran. Seattle Sounders FC manager Sigi Schmidt has a secret Twitter handle that he uses to monitor what  his players and the media are saying. (KCKRS)

Wednesday Happy Hour: This Tequila Tastes Like Awesome

We have had a few somewhat serious Happy Hours in a row this week, so thankfully we’ve found a little bit of fun around the web when it comes to soccer-related stories to talk about tonight:

Both Chivas USA’s Heath Pearce and the Vancouver Whitecaps’ Jay DeMerit took the bait when Kickette asked them to participate in the “use a movie title to describe your sex life” Twitter game. (Kickette)

Soccer Ally Jared Dubois writes a piece about American soccer in the 90’s being grunge, but turning pop in the new millennium when it should have gone hip hop. (The Shin Guardian)

VH1 clip show mainstays Michael Ian Black and John Hodgman live Tweeted a rerun of HGTV’s House Hunters International featuring the USA’s Clarence Goodson. Hilarity ensued. (KCKRS)

Finally, call your local watering hole and ask them to stock up on plenty of MLS branded tequila so they’re ready for your patronage in the 2012 season. (The Free Beer Movement)

Tuesday Happy Hour: Pour One Out for WPS

I’ve really tried to come up with a post lamenting the loss of the 2012 Women’s Professional Soccer season, but the only words that seem to be able to flow from my fingers are “Well damn, this sucks.” As someone whose first act upon re-entering the United States last August was to rush to a TV to watch last year’s final, I’m a fan who is supremely disappointed in the loss of the season. As I’m this upset and not finding the words to express this adequately, I’m going to rely on the words of others.

Steven Goff surmises that the loss of the 2012 WPS season may be the complete end of women’s pro soccer in America. (Washington Post)

Lauren Barker does an excellent job of analyzing what went wrong and assigns blame all around rather than just beating on the obvious punching bag.  (World Soccer Reader)

Julie Foudy, veteran of the old WUSA league and the national team, gives her optimistic outlook on women’s professional soccer in the USA after the events of yesterday. (ESPNW)

And, of course, The Ginge Has Lost His Mind. (Ginge Talks the Footy)

Monday Happy Hour: The Week in Gay Soccer

Bravo Canada! Let's get one of these hung at USA matches.

For Monday’s Happy Hour we’re simply bringing you some notable gay soccer stories from the past week:

In Tennessee, an outspoken out youth soccer player has blogged about how a bill being considered in their legislature is the cause  for a teen suicide. (Outsports)

BBC Three in the UK is airing a documentary on homosexuality in football tonight. Anton Hysen is featured in it and QPR’s Joey Barton speaks out for change revealing he has a gay uncle.  (The Daily Mail, H/T Brian Dunseth)

Chicago’s Windy City Times did an interview with out former MLS and NASL player David Testo. (Windy City Times)

Friday Happy Hour: Best of the Week

Lots of great posts from our writing team this week, so here’s a Friday afternoon recap:

Have a good weekend!

Thursday Happy Hour: Three in a Row!

It’s great to be an American soccer fan at a time when both the National Men’s and Women’s Teams are chalking up wins. If Jon’s great analysis of the last few matches wasn’t enough for you we bring you a few other perspectives in the Happy Hour. Also, one of our allies’ teams gets some new kits and via Jay DeMerit we find out about Stu Holden’s representing Bolton in a UK literacy project. Finally, a new soccer ally gives us an excuse to revisit a video we love. read more…

Wednesday Happy Hour: Hot Twins!

No bait and switch here. There will be some hot twins featured as part of today’s Happy Hour and I know that makes me happy. We also celebrate the success of the USA Women and look forward to the success of the USA Men. And the only thing hotter than the twins after the jump may be the marketing put together by the Chicago Fire and Quaker Oats.   read more…