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Portland Timbers: Overall Thoughts on the California Preseason Games

So after a couple of days of preseason down in California, Portland has wrapped up their last game against the Chicago Fire. The last game in California was a special 120 minute match that ended in a 2-0 win for the Timbers. T his week we had matchups with LA (4-1), Montreal (0-0), Houston (1-0), and Fire (2-0). 

I have to say the Timbers showed up everybody this preseason so far. They have only let in only 1 goal the entire time they were down in California. That is very impressive seeing that last year it was our defense that seemed to have some difficulty — now this year our back line has definitely improved. They also are undefeated while in preseason as the last time they ever lost was back in 2010 back in the USL days.

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Timbers Injuries: What is Going On?

So I read on and the Portland Timbers website that Eddie Johnson (yes the cute British boy that was out throughout most of last season with a concussion) is out indefinitely with another concussion sustained in training. REALLY? This is not good as we have so many people hurt that its turning out to be very scary for me early on (even before the MLS Season actually starts…not good.)

Then comes Darlington Nagbe being hurt during the match-up with the Galaxy so management is pretty cautious with him.  I can see why as we already have had a concussion with one player and Boyd hasn’t had his work permit figured out yet either. He sustained this semi-injury during the match with a “bothersome right ankle.” This is the second striker in as many days with some sort of injury.

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Thoughts on the Timbers’ Preseason Game with the Galaxy

So lets just say this…. this was a great PRESEASON game against the Galaxy. I capitalized preseason because that is what it is — preseason. It doesn’t mean that much in the greater sense. The good thing about this game other than the players was the fact that the potential first round NFL draft pick Andrew Luck was there (he is pretty cute;  not going to lie about that and I like his lime green sweatshirt). Here are my thoughts and reactions to the game in which the Timbers won 4-1.

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Portland Timbers Off-Season Pickups

This off-season we have seen a different Portland Timbers than what we saw last season. We had exits from notable people like Rodrigo Lopez, Kenny Cooper, Peter Lowry, Kevin Goldthwaite, Adin Brown, and Brian Umony. However, we had some notable pick ups that can help us secure a good defensive line and a striker position.

From the website we have the following people who were picked up so far in the off-season (and we are so far not even done  yet):  José Adolfo Valencia (12/14: Independiente Santa Fe/Colombia); F Brent Richards (1/4: Home Grown); D Andrew Jean-Baptiste (1/12: SuperDraft); M Brendan King(1/12: SuperDraft); D Hanyer Mosquera (1/17: free); M Ryan Kowaluk (1/17: supplemental draft); M Miguel Ibarra (1/17: supplemental draft); G Doug Herrick (1/17: supplemental draft); M Logan McDaniel (1/17: supplemental draft); F Kris Boyd (1/30: free); M Charles Renken (1/31: waiver wire)

Now this doesn’t mean that some of these players won’t be cut (especially the people from the Supplemental Draft). There are a few players in here that stick out to most people so I am going to introduce you guys to these people here on the website.

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Preseason News and Schedule for the Timbers – Can’t Wait for it to Begin!

I think I may be behind when it comes to opinions about Major League Soccer’s unbalanced schedule as that was discussed earlier in the year. However, I do want to talk to my Timbers fans about the upcoming preseason and the 2012 MLS Schedule for the Timbers.

Overall, I cannot wait for this to happen — over 3 months of offseason is way too long for me — and have the Timbers play some games. I am going to have a post for every preseason and regular season game they have. That is my promise to the fans on here that I will make.  read more…

Meet Jorge, Our New Portland Timbers Writer…

My name is Jorge and I am a proud Portland Timbers supporter from Rhode Island. Now people must be thinking to themselves, “How are you a timbers fan but live in Rhode Island?” Good question and I’ll explain to you how I became a Timbers fan.

It all started last year during my senior year of college. I was watching a match on TV between the Timbers and the Revolution. I watched the entire 90 minute match and fell in love with the Timbers. Their determination and being able to go against a great team that has been around for a while intrigued me. I also liked the fact that they were the newest team in the league and I respected them for that. After that soccer match I fell in love with the team watching every game on my computer and cheering them on. read more…