Portland Timbers: Overall Thoughts on the California Preseason Games

So after a couple of days of preseason down in California, Portland has wrapped up their last game against the Chicago Fire. The last game in California was a special 120 minute match that ended in a 2-0 win for the Timbers. T his week we had matchups with LA (4-1), Montreal (0-0), Houston (1-0), and Fire (2-0). 

I have to say the Timbers showed up everybody this preseason so far. They have only let in only 1 goal the entire time they were down in California. That is very impressive seeing that last year it was our defense that seemed to have some difficulty — now this year our back line has definitely improved. They also are undefeated while in preseason as the last time they ever lost was back in 2010 back in the USL days.

No player in this preseason has shined the most then trialist Franck Songo’o  from Cameroon. He outshines anybody on the pitch all throughout his time with the Timbers. He led in the most assists this preseason and scored a ton of goals.  He is not signed with the Timbers but after his time in California and definitely impressing John Spencer he will be with the Timbers officially really soon.  I have to say I am going to make a bet  that he will be a huge force and I will definitely see him being apart of the starting XI and play the full 90 minutes in each game the Timbers play.

Now the best part is on top of this, Sal Zizzo (one of our latest allies in the fight against homophobia on the pitch) is doing extremely better with his injury and is hoping to make a start very soon. Also Nagbe is doing well with that ankle of his too so things are looking really good for the Timbers.

The only person I did not get to see was Kris Boyd. He was still dealing with working permits and we have received some word that he has got his working permit and will be in Portland shortly.

Another bad thing about these preseason games was the fact that we did not see any  games on TV or on the internet. The only time we got to know any updates was through Twitter and Facebook. The last game had audio from Chicago Fire; I would have loved to have seen it on TV.

However, we need to realize as well that this is preaseason and nothing else. These results don’t tell us that much as to what will happen come First Kick. Players will get cut (like Brendan King, second round SuperDraft pick, and Lance Davids, a trialist) and our roster needs to be finalized.  I am liking the new Timbers and hopefully they do well back in Portland for the remainder of the preseason games.


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  1. Thanks for the articles about the Timbers. One note, you’re using our old, redesigned, TA-despised new logo. Check the Timbers website for the correct one. http://www.portlandtimbers.com/sites/portland/themes/mlsportland/logo.png

  2. yea i realized that now..I forgot they had to change the logo bc it wasnt that great wow sorry about that will learn my lesson now thanks for the heads up!

  3. Timbers are going to be great this year. Other teams look to be stepping up their games as well; Vancouver might not be as much of a walk as they were last year. Good for the league that the quality is going up. (And good for the Timbers who are going to win it all anyway.)

  4. It feels like the whole league is going to be better this year, except maybe Chivas, Revs and the Union (WTF Union??) I’m glad to see PTFC improve as well.

    However lets not forget that the Timbers were also undefeated last preseason as well… though most games were draws with unimpressive 0-0 and 1-1 results. Glad to see the ball in the back of the net more for sure!

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