Toronto FC Dream Job Contest

It’s been rumoured for a couple of days, but it’s finally been announced — TFC is looking for a new “face”: the person who will represent the team, and appear in all of its promotional and game day videos.

Naturally your correspondent, being a supporter, has entered (all you lovely readers can vote for me here) — but when I was entering, I was sort of thinking: while I am using my “outsider” status as a campaign platform, is it perhaps the place to campaign for inclusiveness?

While I ultimately decided against it, it did get me thinking: if your team held such a contest, would you base a part of your entry on diversity? And do you think it would be a vote winner?

I’d like to hear from you!

(P.S.: Have I mentioned you could vote for me here?)


Posted on 02/16/2012, in Toronto FC. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. It’s not “diversity” if there’s only one winner. Just as I believe someone shoud not be looked over for being gay, they should not get special treatment for it either. May the best fan win!

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