Timbers Injuries: What is Going On?

So I read on Oregonlive.com and the Portland Timbers website that Eddie Johnson (yes the cute British boy that was out throughout most of last season with a concussion) is out indefinitely with another concussion sustained in training. REALLY? This is not good as we have so many people hurt that its turning out to be very scary for me early on (even before the MLS Season actually starts…not good.)

Then comes Darlington Nagbe being hurt during the match-up with the Galaxy so management is pretty cautious with him.  I can see why as we already have had a concussion with one player and Boyd hasn’t had his work permit figured out yet either. He sustained this semi-injury during the match with a “bothersome right ankle.” This is the second striker in as many days with some sort of injury.

Now on top of that we have Adolfo Valencia also out for at least part of the season with an injury that happened either in Columbia or the first day of training back in Portland. Either way it happened to be on his right knee which isn’t good. The only good thing to come out of it was the fact that he isn’t filling up a DP player slot at this time.

Also while there have been three new injuries that occurred we already have had the injuries with Sal Zizzo from last season and David Horst’s surgery. Throught it all I am still proud of my Timbers; I know that we have everything together. I am just nervous for that fact that we did so well with pickups and having players now injured left and right is just making me scared.

Good luck with recovery guys! Lets do this!

Sources  that brush up more on each of the injures (minus David Horst and Sal Zizzo and the Boyd situation):




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  1. The Eddie Johnson injury is obviously the most disturbing because it might not only end his career, but also severely alter his quality of life. I haven’t heard anything from Twitter or blogs, but I’m wondering if Eddie was wearing the headgear when he got hurt. I’m not looking to place blame or anything, just curious.

  2. In positive Timbers injury news, Sal Zizzo has been running with the team and could return earlier than expected.

  3. jrodtimbers

    sorry to sound negative in the article but I really truely hope they all have a speedy recovery (since we know Zizzo is doing very well) so sorry again to be debbie downer!

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