Thoughts on the Timbers’ Preseason Game with the Galaxy

So lets just say this…. this was a great PRESEASON game against the Galaxy. I capitalized preseason because that is what it is — preseason. It doesn’t mean that much in the greater sense. The good thing about this game other than the players was the fact that the potential first round NFL draft pick Andrew Luck was there (he is pretty cute;  not going to lie about that and I like his lime green sweatshirt). Here are my thoughts and reactions to the game in which the Timbers won 4-1.

1. The game wasn’t even posted on any website at all… I had to rely on Twitter posts from various Timbers staff members and reporters who are following the team in LA. I think next time they should post a live stream to those that want to see it on because then the true fanatics would be able to see the game itself rather then relying on Twitter and Facebook updates.

2. This game would have been interesting if they were able to include Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan in the lineup because then we would see a more accurate LA Galaxy team playing out on the pitch.  Pundits would say that the Galaxy team out there was the “B” team. I feel they put out the best players they can out on the pitch but also put other players on that way they can get a feel who would be in the starting XI and who should be cut from the roster.

3. This is again preseason and nobody should take this game and analyze it all too much. This is basically just a show for Coach Spencer about where players should be placed in what position on the pitch but also who should be cut from the team itself. After a couple of games, we would get to see where some of the players would be placed on the field and make the roster solidified.

4. NO Kris Boyd –> had to deal with working visa issues (BOOO) I would have loved to see him out on the pitch and see how he is as a striker.

5. LOVE their black training top jerseys (they should have  had this color as their 3rd kit jerseys.) I just think black jerseys like that are sick especially when its combined with the green as it makes the jersey stand out more. (I mean I am not going to lie but I really like the Galaxy’s black and gold 3rd kit jersey that they only wore once and that was against Real Madrid, unless I am mistaken)

6. Big Fan of Troy Perkins and I absolutely love his red goalkeeper jersey — it’s pretty sick!

So as you can see this is only one game with a high profile football athlete looking on watching them. If we see a trend after the second game  then I will definitely post it on as my next post in my reactions to the Impact game.

For those who want to see analysis from and from the Timbers articles here you go: (contains video highlights of the match and footage of David Beckham and Coach Spencer providing analysis)


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