Preseason News and Schedule for the Timbers – Can’t Wait for it to Begin!

I think I may be behind when it comes to opinions about Major League Soccer’s unbalanced schedule as that was discussed earlier in the year. However, I do want to talk to my Timbers fans about the upcoming preseason and the 2012 MLS Schedule for the Timbers.

Overall, I cannot wait for this to happen — over 3 months of offseason is way too long for me — and have the Timbers play some games. I am going to have a post for every preseason and regular season game they have. That is my promise to the fans on here that I will make. 

Now onto the preseason schedule:

2/7/12 vs. Galaxy –>  Great way to start the preseason with a match with the MLS champs. Beating them now can give a good sense as to how good our  defensive depth and our new striker are.

2/10/12 vs. Impact–> Interested to see how an expansion team can do on the pitch and get a sense how the Impact may be in the MLS season.

2/12/12 vs. Dynamo –> This is payback for the two times they defeated us in 2011 and show that we can be just as aggressive as they are on the pitch.

2/15/12 vs. Fire–> This is an up-and-coming team in the Eastern Conference in my opinion and we got to see that at the very end of the season last year. They have been training hard this offseason and picked up valuable players. This would be a great clash early on.

2/27/12  vs. Earthquakes–> The next three teams are for a tournament that is being played at Jeld-Wen Field. I wouldn’t mind seeing these two play but I would like for us to win the tournament in the end.

3/1/12 vs. Chivas USA–> Chivas USA are great group of people and beyond that they have improved slightly from last year.

3/4/12 vs. AIK (based in Sweden) –> This will be the 3rd European team to play at Jeld-Wen field (last year had West Albion Bromwich and Ajax). I am hoping we can break the trend and win against a European team to become the winner of the tournament in Portland.

Here are some highlights of the 2012 regular season schedule:

* As a Timbers fan the first thing you look for in the schedule is when we play against the Seattle Sounders as our biggest rivals. We play them 3 times in addition to any potential US Open Cup matches. I agree with people 3 times is more than enough — anything more than that takes it too far. The dates for the games against the Sounders (which are at Jeld-Wen twice) are  June 24th, September 15th, and October 7th. These will be three hard-fought matches and the rivalry runs deep which is why many of the major sports networks will be tuning into these three games.

* Another one we look forward to is our matches against the Vancouver Whitecaps our second biggest rivals. They aren’t as bad as far as rivalries go but it can be up there with being brutal. Knowing that the Whitecaps have a new coach, have two very good strikers up front, and picked up some good valuable players can make these matches just as interesting.

* Opening night March 12th  with Philadelphia. I say this because of the fact that Philly always gives us a good run for our money. The times we have played them last year were a tie and a win by the Timbers (1-0). Knowing they do not have their two biggest players anymore, it would be very interesting to see how they will play knowing that they are a much younger team now.

* In March I can’t wait to see the Timbers take on the Revolution at Gillette Stadium. This has me excited for a few reasons.  (1) I get to see a Timbers game live (since I am from Rhode Island) and (2) the Timbers can destroy the Revs in an epic battle. Some followers of mine cannot wait for this game to happen  and I say bring it as I would love to have the Timbers make a mockery out of your team.

* Lastly, I am looking forward to our match with the Montreal Impact. I stated it earlier, but I would like to see how this team takes shape and how they play against us. They nabbed the Dynamo’s star player Brian Ching so I am hoping he helps out the newbies in their first season in the MLS.

Those are the ones ill be watching but I cannot wait to see every match on TV or on my computer. It will be a great season as we brought in so many people this time around and hopefully we succeed in our goal which is to make it into the playoffs.


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