Meet Jorge, Our New Portland Timbers Writer…

My name is Jorge and I am a proud Portland Timbers supporter from Rhode Island. Now people must be thinking to themselves, “How are you a timbers fan but live in Rhode Island?” Good question and I’ll explain to you how I became a Timbers fan.

It all started last year during my senior year of college. I was watching a match on TV between the Timbers and the Revolution. I watched the entire 90 minute match and fell in love with the Timbers. Their determination and being able to go against a great team that has been around for a while intrigued me. I also liked the fact that they were the newest team in the league and I respected them for that. After that soccer match I fell in love with the team watching every game on my computer and cheering them on.

So now that you know why I fell in love with them now I am going to talk to you guys a little bit about myself. I am a huge soccer fan. I love watching soccer because no matter what, the determination, enthusiasm, and passion the soccer players put on the field is amazing. I love their loyal fan base  as well. Even though I am from Rhode Island I love to see the Timbers Army do their chants on TV because they are (a) awesome to hear, (b)  the loudest in the stadium (whether it’s home or away), and (c) they love their Timbers so much (as do I). I loved when they sang the National Anthem when they first opened JELD-WEN field playing against the Fire. (I’ll admit I did watch them play this game too  and loved them even more).

I hope you all like the posts I write (I forgot to mention I have degrees in Math and Political Science — nowhere near journalism or any major relating to writing, so I apologize in advance.) This will be my first time blogging as well but knowing that I love soccer and the Timbers it shouldn’t be to bad. And “P-T-F-C, P-T-F-C” and I’ll be RCTID. (You can follow me at @jrod2589 on twitter.)


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  1. Welcome to the team, Jorge. I’m a Bills fan from NJ so I sympathize with ya!! 🙂

  2. So I see you made a choice to be a Timbers supporter, just like you made a choice to … wait, what? 😉 I kid, I kid. Welcome aboard, have fun, and I look forward to reading your posts. Rhode Island is a cool place as well – not all that different from Portland.

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