A True #10 for Colorado? A Report from the Rapids’ Supporters Forum

(No, not him.)

That’s right folks, the Rapids are closing in on signing a young play maker from Argentina. One that will fit Oscar’s new vision of the club. This player was mentioned to have the ability to play the flanks (although in my formation below I show what I’d prefer). So we could very well see:

——–Jeff L—————-Pablo M———-

It would be interesting to see where certain players from the past season fit in, players like Wells Thompson and Caleb Folan (who recently has been rumored as a possible move*). Folan doesn’t seem to be on good ground ready to start the pre-season as he hasn’t attended any training sessions with the club and is still overseas. Earlier this week club officials said they care about the players attending training, and aren’t worried about anyone else. 

This past Wednesday, the Rapids held a “Supporters Forum.” Paul Bravo, Oscar Pareja and team captain Pablo Mastroeni sat down to talk to all three Rapids supporters groups about the upcoming season and team goals. It was a night for supporters to get together and hear first hand what Oscar brings to the table, and all I can say is, “Wow this guy gets it.”

From the top down the club is getting into the mentality of attacking soccer. The academy for some time has played that style while the first team has not due to Gary Smith’s style of play.  Oscar stressed the importance of giving 100% in practice and in the game, making it very clear that if you don’t give your all this club won’t put up with it. During the forum Pablo had mentioned what they are trying to achieve for this season. Oscar wants ten players working to create space for the guy with the ball; when you make a play you don’t stop. You continue to play a part for a more free flowing attack. The club wants to build a team where its not only about creating chances and moving quickly, but also a style that fans and supporters will enjoy. Pablo had mentioned that when all of this works, we’are going to see something we’ve never seen before. One of the Rapids biggest problems historically has been there ability to move off the ball. Lets hope Oscar can change the mindset here in Colorado.

One of the cool things this season the club is really trying to hammer on is the “One Club” motto. Tim Hinchey really believes in it, and I can’t disagree. Talking with him for a brief period of time, he understands the importance of all fans and supporters regardless of their age and preference to how they watch the game (standing or sitting).

A last few tidbits:

ColoradoRapids signed Colombian midfielder Castrillon

Wilmer Cabrera and Paul Caffrey join Pareja’s staff

Colombian Luis Eduardo Zapata is on trial (Left Back)

*article linked is in Greek


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