gay4soccer Poll: Is Piers Morgan’s Tweet Homophobic?

Lots of people were reacting on Twitter as they watched BBC3’s documentary on homophobia in football tonight. Two of them were Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand and CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, who have been in something of a Twitter feud. Here’s their exchange:

Now Piers has a history of being accused of homophobia, often criticizing drag and gay performers on America’s Got Talent harshly. And one blog is accusing Morgan of “openly hostile, homophobic comments.” So…


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  1. Paying attention to anything Piers Morgan says is a bad move. Though I suppose while people still do, you have to push back when he says something awful, which is sort of a paradox I guess.

  2. I didn’t read this as homohphobic at all. I don’t think he means ‘Out you come…’ as ‘Come out as gay’. I interpreted it as ‘Oh here you come again into the twittersphere, always tweeting about stuff when you should be playing football not sat perennially injured.’

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