Thursday Happy Hour: What’s a Happy Hour Without Beer?

(gratuitous Beckham picture)

Time for the Thursday roundup of news you should be talking about at Happy Hour tonight. We have everything from beer at the World Cup to the latest in the magicJack drama to some guy named Beckham. Stay all the way through the end and be rewarded with our favorite player-turned-clothier and analyst doin’ a little dance on live TV.  

FIFA is insisting that Brazil overturn current regulations banning the sale of beer at soccer stadiums for the 2014 World Cup (BBC News)

USA keeper Hope Solo seems to be refusing to play for magicJack, Tweeting that she has made  no commitments to joining them for exhibition matches against teams in the league that gave them the boot. A court recently ruled for their right to exist, even if not part of league play. (KCKRS)

Professor Woosley is calling class into session as he begins MLS 101 on his SB Nation blog. (Dynamo Theory)

From our Twitter follower @ScottN10, English midfielder Joey Barton speaks out in a documentary airing later this month on BBC3 about managers being the reason for the lack of out soccer players. (The Sun)

In case you haven’t heard yet, David Beckham has agreed to a two-year deal with the LA Galaxy (

Finally, I have no idea who The Unitards are as I skipped over them talking to get to Brian Dunseth dancing with them as part of morning show hosting duties today. Shake that booty, Dunny. (The Original Winger)


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