Wednesday Happy Hour: Another Player’s Underpants!

That always seems to get everyone’s attention. But there will be a player’s underpants in today’s Happy Hour as well as a bunch of other things because there is a lot to catch up on since yesterday was dedicated to our Boy Scout posts. So join us for new jerseys, gay rights in soccer abroad, and yes, underpants. All this and much, much more in tonight’s Happy Hour. 

Germany’s captain may tell players to stay in the closet, but the outgoing head of their federation says it’s time to come out. (ESPN)

In addition to hanging out on Google Plus tomorrow, it looks like David Beckham is set to announce his return to MLS and the LA Galaxy. (Fox Soccer)

Our friends at The Other 87 came up with a Tuesday XI starting lineup of supervillains. We can’t help but  notice they’re all guys and maybe they can come up with a supervillainness list at some point with the best diva baddies. (Ursula would be a great backup for Doc Ock.) (The Other 87)

Stu Holden is back in the Stu-S-A for another round of rehab, and gives a Q&A on the progress with his leg, and his hair. (

Our friends at Outsports did a piece on our Allies List yesterday, and we cant thank them enough. (Outsports)

The Montreal Impact’s Justin Braun (soccer ally) is still settling into his new city and country, and has to do his laundry in his hotel bathtub. Nice skivvies, Justin! (Twitter)

Finally, the Chicago Fire is getting a new jersey sponsor for 2012, and it’s Quaker Oats. We can only hope this leads to Mike Banner starring in commercials for their Life Cereal. (Mikey will try anything…) The new partnership was announced via a kick-booty video. (YouTube)


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