Tuesday Happy Hour: Getting Intimate With Taylor Twellman

Thanks to Alexi Lalas in the morning and Kickette in the afternoon, our day began and ended with underwear talk here at gay4soccer. We have no problem with this whatsoever. Those links, reality shows, and more after the jump. 

We’ve loved Alexi Lalas’ new daily quick-hit  podcast “The Shot” from the start, but today’s episode has had us thinking about Taylor Twellman in a thong vs. briefs all day as he plays a game of either/or with his ESPN cohort.

If Taylor needs some inspiration as to what underwear styles to choose, he should check out Lance Parker of NASL’s FC Edmonton, who is perfectly comfortable posing in all sorts of styles for the camera.

Kyle Martino judged cupcakes Sunday. We judged the new Sounders jersey today Project Runway-style, so it only makes sense that The Other 87 takes a look at giving other reality shows a soccer spin in their Tuesday Ten.

Steve Davis at SB Nation’s Daily Soccer Fix takes a look at the darkest hour in MLS, and how far we’ve come since then.

The Far Side was my favorite comic strip growing up so The Shin Guardian’s take on the SuperDraft this week had me giggling for a while this morning.


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