Getting Intimate…With LA Galaxy

One of the great things about MLS – and one of the things that has always been great about MLS – is the fan’s accessibility to their favorite players.  These last couple of years have seen a rapid increase in players – both big-name stars and up-and-comers – take to social media to share their soccer-related thoughts as well as their day-to-day doings. It all comes together to create a product that fans not only support, but also identify with.

The Los Angeles Galaxy – arguably the biggest brand in the league – is no different.  In addition to the hard-working social media folks in the front office whose updates are dispatched morning, day and night, several LA Galaxy players share the Twitterverse with their fans.  This list of accessible players includes two Rookies of the Year and, perhaps leading by example, the team’s captain.  A sublisting of my personal favorites are after the break.

Landon Donovan
Name: Landon Donovan
Position:Midfielder, Captain
Posts:His dogs, his charity work, and his loan stints in England. His regular interaction with – and appreciate for – fans should give character assassins pause.
Omar Gonzalez, LA Galaxy
Name: Omar Gonzalez
Position:Fullback (CB)
Posts:His new puppy and his various exploits around So Cal with fellow Maryland alum (and Galaxy teammate) AJ De La Garza.
Name: AJ De La Garza
Posts:Chummy, fratboy-like exchanges with teammates, current and past.
Name: Bryan Jordan
Position:Fullback (/Utility)
Posts:Galaxy utility man and fan-favorite posts about subjects as varied as his on-field roles. Also, his screenname is highly suggestive.
Name: Chad Barrett
Posts:A hard-working, wholesome family man, Barrett’s work-related posts as of late have centered around his rehabilitation from an MLS playoff-ending ankle dislocation.
Name: Chris Birchall
Posts:“Space is high, mate!” The Trinidadian of British decent regularly injects warm humor into his post.
Name: Mike Magee
Posts:Magee (aka Bradley Cooper) had a 2011 season peppered with heroics and an oft-used hashtag (#mikemageefacts) attests his abilities. Not bad for a non-Twitter user.
While this list isn’t inclusive of several starters and reserves and academy players currently on the Galaxy’s roster, the guys listed above tweet often and tweet interestingly and would be a good start for any MLS or Galaxy fan with a Twitter account.

What do you think of this list? Are there any non-Galaxy MLS players worth following? Share your suggestions below.


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